Neo Soul Keys Trial Code

Hi there,

I just downloaded the trial for Neo Soul Keys (as I am immensely interested in this product). The install was successful, but where do I find the activation code? It won’t let me get one from the site anywhere and the trial isn’t listed in MySteinberg. Anyone know where to find it? Again I am very seriously checking out this product because many of my collab projects are starting to involve electric pianos.


Hi there Bane,

I’ve recently installed the trial and everything seems to be working OK (on windows 7 x64) do you have the eLicenser control center installed? As far as I remember I just installed the demo ‘.exe’ and it automatically added itself to the eLicenser utility as a ‘Soft eLicense’ (Sel) which is tied to the operating system and hardware (as opposed to appearing on my Steinberg dongle which I’m using for Cubase 7).

I don’t recall having to activate it to use it (its automatic as far as I remember). I would imagine the activation step is only necessary once you have purchased the full version online in which case I presume you would be able to register the product in ‘mySteinberg’ and retrieve an activation code then add it within the eLicenser utility by just clicking ‘enter activation code’.

I just checked the documentation (ReadMe.PDF) that is installed when you run the .exe and it confirms this:

License activation
To permanently activate your copy of the VST Instrument,
you require the license activation number which you can find
in the email you received on purchasing the set.

So it should all be good to go, let us know if you manage to get it working ok - its pretty cool and addictive! :slight_smile:


PS - I just recognized this thread which is recent and could be relevant to the issue(s) your having as it mentions that sometimes you have to “manually activate the trial period” within the eLicenser Control Center:

Hey and thanks for your informative response.

At the end of the installation, I skipped all the license activation process, cause I thought, “Hey, the Elcc is already set up, and I’ll get an activation code online.” Stupid me, I’ll have to reinstall.

Hey there,

no worries, all being well it will work out this time, I read the thread I posted you a link to above and the poor guy in that seemed to have some serious issues getting it to work/uninstall etc! Hopefully I won’t have those uninstall issues when my trial version finally runs out! (gulp…) :astonished: ha ha…

Yeah me neither!! thanks for the link, cause I haven’t seen that one before. Hopefully a reinstall will do it, and then I can start the license via the elcc as instructed in the thread.

Hi I just wanted to mention that after having a snoop around in eLcc I recognized that the reason why my install of the Neo Soul Keys demo was so fluid is because its not actually using the trial period yet - which will explain why there was so little fuss!

My Cubase 7 dongle came with a 25 hour ‘All Steinberg Applications’ license which it started using immediately without me initially realising, which is fine it was just sat there doing nothing anyway, but let me know if you get the demo working properly as it looks like I will have to activate my trial soon after all! :wink:

I did uninstall and reinstall, looks like its working now!

I still am not sure I like the quality more than the CP80 included in The Grand 3. I’ll have to trial it more and see.

Awesome, glad you got it sorted out! I’m not so familiar with the CP80 but the ‘Grand 3’ VSTi looks really cool and is on my wishlist! I always wanted a decent acoustic piano but a good quality VSTi looks like the next best thing!

I really like Neo Soul Keys so far (its fun) but I have to say that the sounds seem tonally/sonically quite overwhelming in that I would imagine you’d have to apply some thoughtful EQ to get them to sit in a mix without drowning everything else out (its a beast)!

I’ve been playing around with processing the sound to tailor it but from initial experience I discovered you have to be really careful with NSK (i.e. particularly with mulitband compression/excitation - youch) as with some of the presets I was fearful this VSTi might tear my monitors apart! :astonished:

There’s a lot to be said for subtlety when processing (something I need to learn), clearly my recent reading of Mastering Audio the Art & Science by Bob Katz hasn’t quiet sunk in yet… ha ha :laughing:

Have fun with NSK! Kat