New Avid Control app is excellent!

The channel is hidden when its desabled.

I have an iPad for my home setup. Cubase IC and PT Control are installed on it. But as I work on post stuff, and have an intensive use of automation. So I use the iPad as an third monitor to show the automation panel. I only use Cubase IC or PT Control when on location with the laptop.

I know that the channel will disappear when it is disabled. I have offered that discovery as a work around on the Avid forum. This suggestion was immediately shot down because you lose the audio output when it’s disabled, as opposed to just hidden. That’s a fair point. But I was trying to point out the one desired advantage. Bottom line, that’s still a big problem. In fact, besides the tracks page crashing issue, I couldn’t think of a more urgent concern.

The thing about improving something is that it assumes you’re adding to something that works, not substituting it for something you had. They fixed the crashing problem. Great! But now I lose banking?

If they weren’t going to make Avid Control backward compatible, they should have left the PT Control App as an option for all of us Artist Series Users.

I don’t seem to be able to create an Avid account as I don’t have any Artist hardware. Boo-hoo :imp:

Guess I’ll have to stay with Steinberg’s less-than-impressive iCPro.

I cannot believe they actually charged money for that! :open_mouth:

their serial number validation isn’t particularly robust … just sayin’

@fenderchris: You can create an avid account with no hardware on the main avid site. Afterwards just install the app on any device and it will activate the eucon suite for download based on your login data. I don’t own any avid hardware also. Just did that and tested it on my lg g2, how nice they have android support now.

Thanks mufi.

I’ve downloaded and installed EuConControl 19.12 software on the PC and loaded the Eucon device in Nuendo.

When the Avid Control app is launched on my Nexus-7 Android tablet I can see it (mostly greyed out) but it does not connect to Nuendo.

Do I have to enter an IP address or something on the tablet? - If so, how can that be done?

Fenderchris, load the Avid Control tablet on the “surfaces” tab in the eucontrol settings. There should be an icon on the task bar.
Drag and drop to add it in “my surfaces”.
I’m afraid your Nexus 7 tablet might be too old to work correctly…


There is a Eucon/MC Client service icon but it has no options.

I think it’s back to iCPro for me - At least it (mostly) works here.

I’m not going to buy a new tablet just for this.

Try right clicking the Eucontrol App, that should bring up the menu selections. On my Mac right now but I believe you’re looking for Eucontrol Settings. That will bring you the window where you can add to “my surfaces” if your tablet will work with it. john

Sorry to sound vacant here but I can not find a Eucontrol App on the PC. There is just something called EUCON Workstation Unified.

On the tablet there is just the Avid Control app that can not be right-clicked on.

think you installed the wrong option - uninstall everything by running the installer again - then install just the FIRST option - which is the EUcontrol software - reboot

it adds a bit of software to the windows startup group - this runs when you reboot and asks to install a service…should be straightforward from there but let me know if it doesn’t

(I think - as this just worked for me YMMV)

I’m downloading and installing this: The Windows version:

Is this not correct?

yes - but when you install it what options do you select ?

I was selecting the 3rd option, as in this pic:

Selecting the 1st option did get the app installed, but there was nothing to drag in and it caused the following error when launching Nuendo:

Now N10 and N8 will no longer launch.

(reinstall the elicencer software to fix that error - google is your friend here)

you are over complicating it :slight_smile:

REMOVE from “studio setup” in nuendo
then UNINSTALL the EUcontrol software as I mentioned above - remove EVERYTHING (did I say to do that ?)


install with ONLY THE FIRST OPTION selected as I mentioned previously - it even says “CONTROL” on that option to give you a clue - do not install workstation !!!

then when it reboots (again) is should ask you to update firmware - you don’t have any avid stuff to update so just ignore - and set not to remind you again

it then asks to configure what devices you have - add your avid control app here, it obviously needs to be running for you PC to see it.

IF YOU DON’T GET THE AUTOMATIC CONFIGURE OPTION when you boot then then look in the window notification area there is an EUcontrol icon where you can add your AVID CONTROL APP

If there is anything you are unclear about then ask - but just randomly messing about and guessing isn’t going to fix it - just follow the instructions without adding random bits

ps there is also a windows control panel item if you want to configure mackie control - won’t need this with nuendo


Sorry, had to do this.


hi Chris - did it work ?