New control surface for Cubase..? 8...? Please..?

(Yamaha Commercial Audio division - promo video for QL series)

ok, would need stripping back to lose all the I/O, add a nice Transport section… and then, I’m sure somewhere in there is a really nice bit of kit.

I’ll even start saving up for one now.

(8 faders would do me. Thank you.)

I mean, Yamaha do make some mighty fine hardware; just saying…

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I saw that you could do multitrack recording via Dante (also the Dante Virtual Soundcard).

But is it say something about a Control Layer for Cubase/Nuendo?
The search for the manual is on :wink:

I like the Steinberg CMC-CH controllers, I have all of them (including 4x FD’s in their dedicated case), but I understand that some people can’t stand the feel of the FD modules because they’re used to traditional faders (it actually doesn’t take long to get used to the touch faders. Your mileage may vary, of course…)

Behringer has a brand new controller called X-TOUCH, which is way better than the old BCF2000. Better construction, better precision and no more motor noise. Also way better MIDI implementation (no more headaches to configure it as you wish…) Very reasonable price. Tried it at NAMM earlier this year, very good response, seems pretty solid. If I weren’t very satisfied with my FD’s (I actually like touch faders, they have several important advantages IMHO) and the other CMC-CH’s, I would seriously consider it.

Speaking of touch faders. One price-worthy option (if you have an iPad or an Android Pad, that is) is Cubase IC Pro.

It has three great features:
Proper transport controls (although I find that Start and Stop shares the same button a little weird).
Touch faders that can control multiple faders simultaneously (in contrast to the single fader that a mouse can deal with)
The option of setting up touch buttons for anything that Cubase has Key Commands for.

If you do have an iPad or an Android Pad, it’s an uneatable touch controller. I find it very useful. At least until I can afford an Avid Artist control surface (or Steinberg/Yamaha get their act together and comes up with something amazing). And maybe even then!

Thanx Indigo for the tip about the Behringer X-Touch. That looks very interesting.

Well, its all over now for this series of hardware anyway - particularly here in Europe; support and maintenance will continue for existing customers. Its a shame (for me), cos the TP controller was on my list for a while to check out. I’ll have to keep looking second-hand maybe…

Thanks for the notice of this - going to the site right now…!

Nope. No iPad/Android tablet here. Thanks for the suggestions; interesting.

which is what I’m hoping (dreaming…!) wouldn’t be too much for them to accomplish (considering they are already three quarters there with that QL series… ok, maybe half way there… :wink:)

How about helping out reviving this old thread?

Start voting, you guys and who knows. Something might happen.
Pigs will fly :wink:


(though, that X-Touch, or the Compact or the Mini all look very interesting… Availability in Q3 2014 they say…)

Plenty on EBay, some deeply discounted.

I just came from a demo of SSL gear. I was especially impressed with this one:

OK, it’s quite a lot of money but I wouldn’t call it expensive, considering that it is SSL quality. You know, the guys that build mixing consoles that costs as much as a mansion. :wink:

If I was to buy anything right now, it would be another Mackie Control Universal. There really isn’t much else out there worth it in the price range as far as a control surface. Steinberg added a lot of functionality to the Control Universal. Have a look in the Cubase 7 forum. There’s dedicated thread for it pinned in the forum.

I’ve been using mcu and xts for years and nothing has been brought out to lure me away from them.

Why are the CMC controllers still on the Steinberg site if they have been discontinued?
Im hopelessly searching for a control surface and am utterly surprised that after over 10 years of Yamaha and Steinberg being together that they have not brought out a modern control surface… i have tried out the cc121 and its nice but the one fader setup just doesnt work for me. Any news Steinberg for us on this?.. especially with Cubase 8 out now.

Sure glad I read this thread to learn that my CMC investment is now obsolete. I wasn’t a big fan of the touch faders but otherwise liked them very much. One of the main advantages was form factor. Being small, individual controls meant I could position them on either side of the computer keyboard.

The problem with most controllers is that they’re big units designed to be front and center. If they integrated a qwerty keyboard that would be acceptable, but they never do, so you’re forced to reach over / around one to get to the other. These days a computer keyboard absolutely must be positioned in an easy to access manner, but hardware manufacturers have never adequately designed a controller that also addressed the need for qwerty and mouse input.

RIP, CMC. You were the first hardware that solved this problem. Apparently it wasn’t enough.

Very cool, but it has the same problem most every controller does - lack of consideration for qwerty keyboard / mouse support. In a DAW world, both need to be easily accessible, but you always have to reach over one to get to the other.

In a computer driven world, I really don’t understand why hardware manufacturers don’t integry the two. It’s a mystery.

Okay, here’s your new control surface (although I’m sure everyone will pronounce it “new age” rather than “newawge”).

Looks very impressive, and it even supports Cubase. All for a mere $10k - $20k investment.

And even at that price, still no native qwerty keyboard support.

Relax, the CMCs will continue to function…

Excellent, thanks.

Although relaxing isn’t exactly in my nature. :slight_smile:

I am still holding out on the X-Touch any news?