New design of Pre-Filter section in Cubase 11.0.20

Good lord - now you have to turn on each individual low cut and high cut knob BEFORE using them on the channel inspector because they are BYPASSED BY DEFAULT?

The High- and Low-Cut Pre-Filters now use dedicated Activate/Deactivate buttons, which can be operated independently of the frequency sliders.

Cool but can they be enabled by default?

Who on earth tests this and thinks it’s ok?

Looking forward to dealing with this for a few months while waiting for another fix … to change something that didn’t need fixing.


Opted for the knobs instead of the sliders, wouldn’t be my choice.

Did you check the cogwheel for the option you want?

Agreed! I don’t follow Steinbergs logic on this decision.

Knobs are fine for me - have always used them (most similar to a console) … but hey, at least you can choose, right?

Point is they are disabled by default … so now you have to enable each knob individually before you can engage the high or low cuts.

There is no global way to enable them as far as I can tell … so you have to do this to every single channel you want to use high/low cuts on … which is a lot of channels.

I don’t really understand what has changed here, guess I’m missing it.

Don’t they auto-enable as soon as you engage them beyond their base frequency?

edit the above is Cubase 10.5 for reference

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Ahh that looks like it’s unintentional then … (a bug?).

The rest of the bands of the EQ behave in the way you’re indicating - as soon as you engage the knob, they enable.

However, with LC and HC frequencies (in knob mode) they do NOT enable when you start using them - you have to switch it on first by a tiny little button to the top right of the knob.

Sorry forgot to mention, the above is in 10.5

but I also don’t get this change note, because, as seen in my gif, there are already individual bypasses

Well that’s different again - I’m referring to the thread that we’re in … 11.0.20.

That behaviour has changed.

I’ll make a gif when I’m using the studio machine next - should make it clearer.

I guess the change with the filters getting on/off buttons is because of an old bug where they would disengage by themselves randomly when newly loading an existing project or while mixdown when filter automation was involved. This made renders completely unreliable if you used pregain area locut/hicut and you always had to check if they are engaged or not.

But I agree the oversight/bug is that even if you activate them and save Pregain/filter area as default preset the on state doesnt get saved when you create a new track so you alwas have to engage the anew- but i doesnt interfere with my workflow too much- I always open channel editor and operate the filters from there.

I understand why the change was made - it makes total sense.

I wouldn’t mind if they were disabled by default if when you started turning the knobs they enabled.

The problem is - they don’t.

So you have you actively click the enable button before turning the knobs … or nothing happens.

This behaviour is inconsistent with all the other EQ bands - when you turn the knob, they enable.

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I posted it for 10.5 vs 11 comparison as reference, just forgot to mention that.

but I also don’t get this change note, because, as seen in my gif, there are already individual bypasses


Yes i agree- it would be best if they autoengaged when you move the slider/knob.

But in some way the also didnt before this change and this was the main problem- If you automated it directly from the arrange by opening an automation lane and selecting the locut automation from the list and drawing an envelope it wouldnt auto engage and pickup the automation- you had to open the channel editor and touch the locut slider and it would magicaly activate but then you saved the project and reopen it a day later and the automation again wouldnt pickup because locut maigcaly disengaged itself again. this really caused issues.

Yep I know that problem very well - when I would want to automate cuts you had to do this weird click thing to enable the access to the cut lanes in automation before you could do it.

Its a shame- the concept of channel strip in CB is great but this kind of quirks totally ruin the experience. I bought Tonebooster VCF when it came out to replace the internal LC/HC because it was so unreliable.

Hopefully saving on/off state will be added.

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It’s not a bug , a little knob has been added to each of the Cuts to activate the filter , bit silly now , i know it’s only one click but with the AI knob you have to use the mouse first to click the filter on then use the CUT , why on earth ???
steinberg 1 .

I think the bug is that when you start using it, it doesn’t enable itself.

The buttons being there in order to make automation work correctly is great … but it doesn’t behave the same way other EQ bands do.

These kinds of things add up over a full week of making tunes for every single track that you want to do a cut of some sort on. This is going to take some serious relearning (like the reverse zoom scroll direction did) and then you’ll have to re-un-learn it again months later!

hello, you can’t leave it activated, and right button save as default preset ???

Must be system specific then , they work as intended in the release notes , click activate button with mouse and adjust curve as per normal

No. Doesnt include it in the default preset

Oh my goodness! I just checked and it’s true !!! Seriously ESTEINBERG ??? I’m going to start believing people who say that Steinberg to fix something, he DAMAGES other functions.

I would not like to abandon cubase for these things … of course the developers don’t care about that … anyway …