New Edit-Channel-Window

Comparing the new Edit-Channel-Window with N5 I do not understand, why this was changed in that particular way, and really would like to have an explanation for this.

In former Versions I had a perfect view on all relevant parameters: Dedicated (and very clear) switches for Pre/Postfader/Bypass/ON/OFF,… Insert-Routing, Send-Routing, Insert-Number, Send-Number…

It was an absolute self-explanatory view of all channel parameters without any clicking! Now I have thick colored bars and edges, and always have to click(!!) whether I want to see Inserts or their routing…

OK, there are some nice improvements like the target-faders, and it is OK for me to switch whether I want to see EQ or Channel-Strip, but what’s with all those other things?

This is one of many many things on new N6 where I, as a long-time customer, really would like to know how those decisions were made?! Have there really been any user-demands on this? Coming from us (couple of) Nuendo-Users who really would like to earn money with the software on a daily professional basis? Or do we just have to follow cubase-developments on every step?

All those great new features do not help at all, when so many things which were absolutely comfortable before, are now screwed up, especially concerning mixer(-shortcuts), control room, remote-controllers and this edit-window! Since N6 I am mouse-clicking and mixer-scrolling all the time.



The good point is, N6 it’s a very stable release, but I think, in two weeks I need a new mouse ;o)
Hope SB make it more functional pretty soon.


“Don’t fix what isn’t broken!”

It’s not just a cute slogan, it means something. I’m not sure how SB was not able to make all the great functional additions they did without removing so much of the convenience we had. I just always get the feeling that the developers and programmers aren’t really using this product and come up with something in their heads and then stubbornly push through their vision regardless of what customers or beta says about it. Asking customers about what they want seems to be an unwanted invitation to not having one’s preconceived notions ratified.

But I’m pretty much 100% sure we’ll NEVER hear anyone from Steinberg tell us just what the thinking was here. If there was one at all.


I suspect this is the underlying reason for the new click-fest:
…Get a Nuage and stop mousing around!
Make the software sell more hardware, just like Apple does. :wink:

I could not agree more

I agree with all of this.

If N6 is the future I’ll have to either stay with N5.5 for ever OR (and this is the first time I’ve seriously thought about this since the PRO-24 days) I’ll have to start looking around for an alternative to Steinberg.

Nuage is not an option for me as I no longer buy Steinberg hardware.

Seems they’re back to their old M.O. which is to say virtually nothing.

Exactly this and the new mixer (not the new functions, but how they are handled, no “e” for the effects anymore, all this mouse-over nonsense) is the reason I will not upgrade my Nuendo 5 anymore. Sad as I had much anticipation to this release…


What software are you showing that contains the Insert and Send routing graphics? - They are not showing up in N5.5.5 for me.

I 100% agree with the above posts… I use steinberg software since they came out with vst and am a Nuendo user since v1… this is their first update that I find predominant disappointing

And looking at that image there are several small tweaks that would have made perfect sense. In the old version the on/off;bypass;edit was separated from the name of the insert per slot. So the name was below against a black background. Very easy to read. For anyone with less good vision the new text is harder to read since it’s not completely white (it seems) on a blue background. And it gets worse once the level indicator (on sends) ends up on top of the text.

Why not keep the two fields?


I tend to agree. The old mix console was much better. I am liking N6 for it’s new plugins like Anymix, but the mixer should be worked on.


the development of Nuendo 6 included a large re-write of vital program parts (the mixer for instance).
Next to newly implemented functionality, one of the goals was to enable full integration with
Yamaha’s upcoming Nuage controller system, making the whole thing a one-stop-shop for post-pro.

However, it has been the largest rewrite of Nuendo program code for a very long time, which usually requires
considerable maintenance after the initial version release. 6.0.3 has been released recently and we plan
for two further updates coming within the next 3-4 months. They will not only solve the most urgent
issues that have been reported, but will also provide adjustments (mainly) to the mixer.


I think that Steinberg probably have to face the fact that most Nuendo users are not going to be investing in the Nuage hardware - they will stick with their existing controllers and expect any developments from DAW providers to take that into account. Brushing this considerable body of users aside in favour of an unknown number of future Nuage adopters seems to be a very risky decision to me, especially given Steinberg’s reputation as a hardware provider.


thanks for your comment. Just to avoid misunderstanding, development for Nuage is not an excuse for Nuendo software functionality that doesn’t work as it supposed to be. As mentioned, we will provide extensive ongoing maintenance to this new Nuendo version. Making it compatible with Nuage was ONE goal amongst many others, only related to the Nuendo-software.


To be honest, I really do not see why this complete re-write was necessary, if nobody asked for it. Why this re-programming of parts which really were not broken? It cannot be that Yamaha waves with a new hardware, and the complete Nuendo is getting re-designed? I just want additional features and improvements when buying an update, not a different software.
There’s a really huge list of feature requests and user-demands, many of them can be found in this forum since many years. I think, Steinberg should try to work on and implement these, and not re-writing parts of a software which worked absolutely fine, and nobody complained about.

This is worrying me very much. I do not want a Nuendo which is developed to support Nuage! If we are getting a Nuage on market, that is really fine and a user-demand for many years now, but this hardware really should be designed to support Nuendo (that one we have), and not vice versa!

For me every Nuendo-Update since N1 was like little christmas. This update is actually a downgrade to my complete workflow (I do not have a Nuage). My disappointment is that big, because the announced pack of new features really sounded awesome.

My guess is that there was no way around doing a thorough revision of the code. The real issue for us though is if Steinberg has any plans on returning to what was arguably better before; more visible information, less clicking etc.

I can understand that they want to get N6 out asap, and announce Nuage too, but I don’t see why they’d focus on adding new features rather than restoring the old or at least announce that some of the old stuff will return in time.

As much as some here love to cheer the minute breadcrumbs left over by SB announcements, we’re not getting all that much info really. “Yeah, we’ll look into it”. Not; “Yes, we have planned to return this stuff to Nuendo asap”.

Is it safe to assume that although some people on here are unhappy with the changes, that there are far more people that have no issue with the changes?

Maybe outside of the forum some who want things to change desperately are in the minority.

Not trolling, just trying to bring perspective.

I appreciate where you’re all coming from, but I don’t want it to change back to the 5.5-era - you are certainly not speaking for me, despite the assumption that a majority of Nuendo users like or dislike this or that. This is just a forum, not a census.

Doubtful that Steinberg wants to go back to 5.5-era either, though I think that their comments on some of our requests (despite the rude and insulting nature of the wording of said requests/posts) shows that they’re willing to work with us.

Ain’t like it’s gonna happen in three days though.