New filter effect

In all the years I’ve used Cubase I’ve always been disappointed that there is no filter I feel I can go to for everything; the step filter is fun, but a bit limited in what you can achieve with it, and all the others are along the lines of EQ’s.

I’d love to see something that allows me to first and foremost have a full spectrum low/high/band/notch/comb filter with variable Q. That would be a great starting point. After that the ability to add LFO’s, pan, split bands and treat them separately, draw custom envelopes etc would be incredible.

In fact, can’t you just put Tonic back in? That used to ship with cubase and is (custom envelopes aside) exactly what I want! I don’t understand why it was removed?

Just open an old project with “Tonic” plugin and cubase says Tonic missing!!
After a quick search in this forum, the links point me here and the Macker’s answer is my qustion also :
I don’t understand why it was removed?
I don’t remember in which update Steinberg remove the “tonic” plugin and don’t rember neither in which version Steinberg introduce it as commercial argument to sell an update? :wink:
Finally I begin to understand an advice from a friend: never use steinberg’s plugin cause they come and disappear : Magic!
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This reminded me how cool Tonic really was.

I just opened a new thread where we can mention those goodies we’d still use on a daily basis if we had the chance. Maybe Steinberg could bring them back from the dead.

feel really angry
reopen a few old project. … where i was using TONIC in many channel to "color de the sound … and now i forget hours of job to rework all the mix … !!!

DUP thanx for your advertising
never use steinberg’s plugin cause they come and disappear : Magic!

Now ir remind the hours job lost in the early 90 th with a couple of their vst … . that magicly disapear … :wink:
then with t

(sad becaus i just discover their new delay and was thinking to use it … but luckly i read your post just in time … i will not forget one more minute on it

understand also why in all the musical forum : nobody never speak about the steinberg vst plug in !! :wink:

(by the way after 30 years pf work : i’m still in love with cubase :wink: … )

How about we get the Halion filters as an FX VST? The code is already there, just slap on a basic GUI and add audio in/out and call it a day!