New forum for bugs and solutions, because we want Dorico


I think we should create a new forum for problems, bugs and solutions!

This makes it easier for the Dorico Team to find ways to make the software better.

I´m a professional classical orchestra musician and the look of the score is the best I´ve ever saw from a computer software, because it´s possible and easily to read the real music in the score.
And that is the reason why I and perhaps many other musicians want to have Dorico in the future, a better Doria than now.
And I think that needs a little bit help from us.

The importants thing is that composers can write music and musicians can read the realy music in the score and not only the ink of the printer.


Only for bugs and solutions. Not for trouble :slight_smile:

+1 !


I’d bet that in a week or three all the sturm and drang will have calmed down and this forum will be just for bugs and solutions.

Thanks, I think also :slight_smile:

Agreed, like everything in life, it all boils down to expectations. We know where we are, and what to expect, now let’s get on with it…


my english is painful, but I think I know what you mean.
But 30 years in orchestras with painful scores…I´m hopeful ! :slight_smile:))


MakeMusic recently realigned (or has tried to realign) their Forums separating the Forums for each product line into “General Questions” and “Feature Requests,” but it has been like pulling teeth to stop general questions (“How To’s”) from appearing on the Feature Request section.

So although the idea is a good one, it will not be easy to condition folks to use it properly.

I’m having enough trouble keeping up with the discussion here, so I’d rather not have yet another place I need to read.

I think things will calm down in the coming days and weeks, and I think that keeping a single forum if possible will be the best way forward, at least for now.

I like this idea but I also think we can do it from within this forum…

it only takes a heading to designate the thread as such. I’ve tried to start a Dorico Under Yosemite thread just a few minutes ago… I don’t intend for it to become a model by which others follow but I do hope it works.

@ Daniel would it be possible to flag these threads as sticky so that they stay at the top of the forum list, for at least a short period of time?

Social Media websites have turned the internet into a write-only filing system.

Sadly, any rational proposal that requires people to read something before they write is doomed to fail.