"New" Retrospective Record Issues Persist - PLEASE Fix

I’m still having an issue with the “New” retrospective recording; where the MIDI CC data will end up many bars ahead of where I played-back / recorded from. This was an issue in Cubase 10.5 and is still in Cubase 11. See the attached screenshot taken from Cubase 11. You will notice the MIDI CC data is far in front of where the MIDI region begins.

And the other issue I’ve always dealt with (in Cubase 10.5 and now 11) is I’ll press my key command to capture the retrospective recording of MIDI and there will be nothing at all. I have to occasionally empty the retrospective record buffer for “retro rec” to work again. I just find this very dangerous as I’ve lost many ideas / performances (which is the entire purpose of even having Retrospective Record). Sadly, I used Cubase 10.0 instead of 10.5 nearly the entire past year because of this single issue.

The only thing I can think of on how to reproduce this is I’m using a very large template containing mostly MIDI tracks connected to VE Pro. So maybe it’s something to do with the way VE Pro and Cubase interact?