New Right-Zone/Media Category Utility: PARTS (In Current Project)

New Right-Zone Media Category that displays all ‘Parts’ in the current project, organized by Track Name, then Part Name.

Shared Copies are signified with ‘=’

Shared Copies tree-expand into a sub-list that shows their locations either by time, bar, chord-track chord, or arranger event

Real Copy simply show as themselves without list expansion

Since MIDI don’t have ‘Parts’ like audio, only shared copies, MIDI events just show up in this new Parts Right-Zone Utility. User has ability to Filter ‘MIDI’ + ‘Shared Copies Only’ in the list filter.

The Search will filter out both by track name and part/event name.

Allows User to:
-Drag&Drop parts into project
-Locate the parts in the project
-Playback the parts / two modes: 1.) Playback in Project. 2.) Playback In List (doesn’t effect project cursor/playback)
–Loop Playback option
–Sync with Project option
-Open Up In Editor
-Export as Library
-Drag&Drop into other opened/disabled projects
-Send to: SamplerTrack, GrooveAgent, BackBone, Halion, etc (Sending MIDI to these instruments creates new track)

List Filter
-MIDI (MIDI Parts enabled = shows)
-Audio (Audio Parts enabled = shows)
-*Muted (Show both muted and unmuted parts)
-All Track Versions (Disabled = Only Current Track Versions)
-*Shared Copies Only

Vertical Column Categories include
-Track Name / Part/Event Names (Descriptions)
-Project Time Start Location
-Bar# Location
-Waveform Preview
-(Within) Arranger Event
-(Within) Cycle Marker
-(Within) ChordTrack Chord

Rough Mockup (*Missing some after-thought filter options)



This in general, allows users to:
-quickly make arrangements using existing parts without having to scour scroll their project
-find parts in old TrackVersions they maybe forgot about
-find muted parts they forgot about
-quickly loop parts


There is some cross relevance here with another idea-thread I have in FRs:

Automation Events and Parts (both Track Automation Lane, and MIDI-CC Lane),

Where by when a user uses an advanced/shape tool like the Sine, it creates an advanced Automation Event:

Perhaps these Automation Parts and Events, could also show up in this list, or a different list under a different tab. Then users could drag in previous automation events elsewhere in the project. There could be a micro-image preview of the automation, just like a small waveform preview of audio.


This was worthy of far more attention IMO.

Pretty cool, I can see some kind of use for Arranger and right-tab…

I was thinking more about the Arranger features and how some ideas in this thread would be really great - filling an area in Cubase features that I think is lacking.
In addition to the features in the OP, I would make add a dedicated control track for this (which updates the existing Arranger track), and allows for Midi input to directly control the playback of the parts.
Allow for playback of more than one part at a time, to try stacking of different part combinations.
Playback would either lock to tempo or be freeform.

I want to see Steinberg evolve this feature although not to copy Ableton or other DAW but to find its own ground to cover, and right-zone would add the polish that I think Cubase users would enjoy.