New SLM 128 meter! Thanks and a question

This is really a great gift from Steinberg for those of us who do broadcast television . Thank you.

I do have one question. It installed, I saw it scan on the way in to Cubase, but can’t find it anywhere in my VST lists.

Any clues would be appreciated. How do you find it?

I just installed it myself.

Showed up in “plug-in information”.

Showed up under “tools” in my effect plug-ins.

Hope that helps.


Check your Effects

Insert >>Tools>> SLM

Hehe Shinta 2sec faster
Greetz Bassbase

Yeah, that’s where I figured it should be, but it’s not. I just have the Multiscope, SMPTE Generator, Test generator and tuner. It’s like that in both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

I’ll research it. But for some reason, mine’s not showing up. Rescanned twice and everything.

Thanks, guys.


Witch one did u install 32buit or 63bit and in witch cubase 32bit or 64bit

Greetz Bassbase

Well I did 64-bit first… it didn’t show, then I tried the 32-bit and it didn’t show.

I found the .vst3 files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3 folder just where they should be. I can see them being initialized on the splash screen, but they don’t show in the lists anywhere including TOOLS.

Weird. I’ll figure it out. BTW, the SLM128 doesn’t show in the plugins manger list in Cubase.

Maybe I’ll dump my prefs next.


Ok in witch cubase you are?
I tested it now in both versions.
Ok so you already actualised your pluginlist?

Greetz Bassbase


I appreciate your help, but you need to read my posts. I told you I’ve tried it in both.

Thanks anyway.

Sorry for read but don’t got the right infos damm born german ^^
Sure will try to read twice … btw your on pc or mac?

I am on Pc and no porblems.

Greetz Bassbase

A nice addition, I agree. This is working out great on my Stereo Out insert and gives me an awesome visual of what is going on output-wise in real world numbers. Thank you Steinberg!

BTW, there wasn’t much notice for this. How did you find this so fast, Shinta? I tripped on it in this post. Doh.

I enter the forums via Steinberg main page. Saw the news post.

Problem here, too. I have a nice machine (win 7 64bit with lots of memory and power) running all sorts of VSTIs and plugins and have no issues. My Cubase 6.0.6 doesn’t see this new plugin at all. I see it on the machine (C:…), but Cubase doesn’t want to recognize it. I tried updating Plugins, tried x32 and x64 versions, deleted, re-installed…nothing. Weird. Hello Hamburg…!


Sorry to hear about your problems, but honestly I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have a hefty pc,too. 980x 24gigs ram. Never had any problems with a VST before. Doesn’t show in Cubase 5.5.2 or 6.07 for me.

Anyhow, I’m not expecting any help from Steinberg, they said it’s not supported. I’ll just keep using Toneboosters Loudness meter. Just wanted to try this to see if I got a little less CPU usage out of it. Liked the display, too.

@So No Music

Did either of you check “install for all users” during the installation?

That may fix it.

Yes, tried it both ways…checked and unchecked. No dice. It just doesn’t show in my TOOLS or anywhere else, I’ve resorted VSTs per manufacturer, even moved every other outside VST and relaunched… nothing.


Could it depend on the cubaseversion? I have 6.5 installed.


Well, installing 64-bit SLM128, I had ticked ‘…install for all users’ and I seem to remember the dialogue script said it was going to be put into -

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST3

but it actually went into -

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\SLM128

(which by co-incidence seems to be consistent with where my 64-bit Celemony Melodyne was installed by default a while ago - C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Celemony\Melodyne)

Is the discrepancy I mention above actually an installation script bug in the .MSI file?

On going into (64-bit) Cubase v6.5.1 it, SLM128 was found automatically and reported by Plug-in Information. It now shows up in \Tools\SLM128 (along with Multi-scope, SMPTEGenerator, TestGenerator & Tuner)

Seems to be working for me, without any manual intervention…presumably the 64-bit VST3 path is somehow automatically configured withing Cubase?

Thanks again, Steinberg. Another new toy…always grateful.

That’s funny, Bassbase. I had the same thought. It says it works on other versions, but I thought ‘this is probably Steinberg’s nefarious plan to get us to upgrade to 6.5.’

Oh well, I’ll check back from time to time. I have Toneboosters plug that does the same thing.

But a few simplistic questions…

What does this EBU R 128-compliant loudness ‘standard’ mean for a music producer?

Should all my audio tracks conform, so that they will be allowed on TV in future?

Does the same apply on broadcast radio?

Will broadcasters apply the same rules for on-line media, streamed or downloaded?

…or is it the responsibility of the broadcaster to align levels during the programme mixing or transmission processes?

Am I asking the right questions here?

Steinberg also tweeted it