New Steinberg Sample Libraries for Halion 4 ?


Any idea if Steinberg will offer New Sample Libraries for ‘Halion 4’ in the near future ? or is this left to 3rd party sample developers to develop ?


Yes ,It is why I got H4 for complete integration in to Cubase
and the idea of new sample content being added…
this is looking like before… no content suport

There are two currently available in the soundshop:
Hypnotic Dance - released May 2011
Triebwerk - released Nov 2011

Pretty quick IMO considering Halion4 was released June 2011

Plus it will import all old Halion libraries (plus most other library formats)

I don’t get the griping. Maybe it’s just the culture to biatch at SB :question:

Sorry, but those two libraries are quite narrow in scope, I’m hoping for more (NEW) and (High-Quality) Acoustic instruments, i.e. Orchestral, World, Guitars, …etc.

I’m optimistic that Steinberg is listening to our requests, and will deliver some NEW sample libraries for Halion 4 in the near future.

Not complaining, but simply requesting, and hoping, for some new sample libraries to be developed for H4.

Nothing wrong with that. (I hope). :slight_smile:


Fair enough.

Have you tried loading any H3 libraries? Or importing any libraries you have in other formats?

Just curious, if so, what your experience was like with that.

Heads up - New Library Dark Planet just out - may be more to your liking??? :wink:

The addon sounds are pretty incredible, check them out.

For me it seems that Steinberg wants to be the only one to release sample libraries for H4.
They do not communicate with 3rd party developers.

I totally missed the Op’s request, he’s looking for more acoustic stuff, so I can see his point. I’d personally love to see Steinberg and Yamaha reach a higher standard with the acoustic stuff, the VA to my ears has been really good.

The newest dark library content is probably one of the best librarys I’ve purchased in awhile n I’m sitting here with a v-synth under my finger tips :wink: I’d say they are gonna make halion a beast, it’s easily my fav sampler, n I own, m5v3,kontakt 5, emulator x3.

Here’s hoping you get a response to your request,as i can def see the need for some higher quality samples in h4,with what powers under the hood of this sampler,I’d say it’s the sleeper of them all,n easily trumps them for me.

I’m seriously disappointed by the lack of top acoustic and world class instrument libraries in Halion 4. Seems that you are forced to go the Kontakt way to find libraries of real and exotic instruments.

Steinberg in general is too focused on synthesized sounds. Perhaps they should think about releasing a proper organ emulation for example, just to complement.

Let’s not forget that acoustic libraries are a MAJOR investment (time and money wise).
Synthesizers are (IMHO) easy to program.
Acoustic libraries take hours upon hours (of expensive sound techs and studios) to sample.
If you can’t at least predict a break even with sales, it doesn’t make sense.

I agree I think Kontakt is probably the best for acoustic sounds and exotic stuff,and this is why own various samplers, they all do certain things better then the other.
Also true to the point of $ to record/edit all of the real stuff.

I personally enjoy the H4 sound though, with a partnership with Yamaha one would think they could easily port over their workstations sounds, like the XS,XF into the H4 format.

Yamaha has alot of really good voices in those boards as well as the Tyros, this would be a no brainer for them to start porting this into H4 imo. I’ve owned several Yamaha synths such as the ones mentioned, but to me it’s easier to work with one master keyboard,a powerful mac and my daw.

I’m not interested in workstations any longer, their limitations with fx,and weak usb or buggy mlane162 devices are just a thing of the past for me.

I would prefer those sounds in a software environment,it’s much more practical for the studio musicians.

It won’t be long before dev’s understand that the power of the cpu, is much more practical.

I’d rather pay $1000.00 for a Vsti with Yamaha’s true voices inside a sampler like Halion 4 then to own a rack or board again, I think that speaks volumes. :sunglasses:

What/Where are the addon sounds?

You have to buy them


Can anyone from steinberg chime in here,and answer the OP’s question?

Oh man…

Tyros 4 sounds in Halion 4 = shut up and take my money!

LOL :laughing:

Hoping to see some new high-quality libraries for Halion 4 by 3rd Quarter 2012.

Come on Steinberg… We are waiting !