New Steinberg UR44 experiencing glitched audio


I recently purchased a brand new Steinberg UR44 from West Coast Music. The product arrived on Monday, 8/14/17 and I installed the drivers via included CD per the instructions. I made sure all drivers were up to date from the Steinberg website. I verified my XLR cable, microphone (AT-2035), USB cable, and power cable all work properly (tested w/ alternative audio interface, FocusRite Scarlett 2i2). Mic audio works perfectly fine with the 2i2, but when I try using the same microphone with same cables with up-to-date drivers through the Steinberg UR44, the audio is extremely glitched and distorted. I can barely hear small pieces of my voice coming through the constant cutting out, intense static, and distortion.

I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, updating my computer, using new cables, using a new microphone, etc. Other audio interfaces work perfect, but I can’t find a way to get the UR44 to work. I contacted the seller, West Coast Music, and their initial response was that it’s my fault and they refuse to discuss any potential fix.

Any ideas on what I could do to fix this? I have a recorded clip of what the audio sounds like, but I’m unable to attach it to this forum post. I can add the link to my tweet that includes the audio clip if you wish.

Thank you,


Update: I figured out the issue happens while I also have my webcam active. Webcam is also up-to-date on drivers/firmware, but if I’m using it alongside the microphone through the UR44, I experience the loud popping/cutting out/glitching. I run Windows 7 on an i7-4770k, GTX 770 Ti.

Look at the thread above. It is a crazy mess of info and complaining, but maybe something there for you to try to resolve your issue.

It seems there is a conflict with the UR series drivers and some motherboards or combination of certain graphics cards or…

Maybe try the webcam on a separate USB controller/port.