New To Steinberg. How Do I...?

Hello. I’m fairly new to Steinberg. I just bought and installed Halion Sonic 2 last month. I see that there is now an upgrade to it. I’m assuming that there is a grace period for free upgrades. How do I go about downloading/installing the upgrade?

Also. How do I change my password for this forum? I can’t find an option to “change password” anywhere.

Where do you see that…?
The HalionSonic forum is here btw.

Halion Sonic 2 is the most current version of that product. There is an option to upgrade to the more powerful product called HALion 5, but that is an paid option. If you successfully installed and activated your Halion Sonic 2 license, then there is no free grace period update to take advantage of.

Regarding your other question on changing your forum password, go to the USER CONTROL PANEL to do this.

Aloha h, and welcome to the community. ‘E’ komo mai’

You may be thinking about the new

Version 2 of HALion Sonic SE

that comes with C7.5

There is a thread that inquires on how this new HASE 2 will affect
current Halion Sonic 2 owners.