New TOOLS and Driver For MR816X

“2 New TOOLS releases are planned for these models. Details will follow.”

Anyone, anyone???

Hey shanabit,
As a long-time user of the MR816x, and given my current needs…I can’t justify an updated module, even though my GAS kicks in often. Are you running into limits or problems? I’d love to hear them! :wink: I run Mojave on an iMac Pro with a lot of extraneous configurations (often testing midi input devices, apps, and firmware). I sometimes have to kill Waves processes, or restart a midi device, but that darn MR remains mostly solid in my torturous setups.

haaa,where this info from? what tools,driver/software update ?
maybe a magic firmware update make the MR series real time monitoring when daisychained ? haha 10 year hopes :mrgreen:


Well - an update to my bloviation above… After reinstalling the MR816x tools - I realized the reason my setup runs well is that I don’t use the ‘integration’ with Cubase. Long ago I realized that the MR816x stand-alone MREditor app is where I do routing, setup for Control Room, etc.; and disabled all integration. So…

  • Using the MR software that provides control of the MR through Cubase 10 seems disastrous. I uninstalled the integration again (there’s specific instructions on the Cubase site to do this…) - and everything is now working as well as I need.


I’m with you, shanabit. News of forthcoming updates in November - and here we are in February with nothing from Steinberg. No chance of upgrading OSX to Mojave with Cubase and MR816 until Channel Strip problem is solved. Renders Cubase unusable.

Exactly. Cant and won’t buy an 8 year old interface. Time they release a new USB model. TB aint happening here and def not for $2800. Forced to look elsewhere we are.

Hi shanabit, Thanks for the tip on the uninstall. Good to know.

xz69Micky - Agreed… why TB2 (doubt I’m alone in shifting to TB3 and USB peripherals)? For that $ I’m tempted to consider an Apollo X6. This would never have made it onto my short list, except that I need a few more inputs, and my go to microphone (Townsend labs, Sphere L22) seems to only deliver new modeled microphone versions via UA (grump, grump). I’ve been a Waves Soundgrid fan, but they’re not playing well with Cubase right now either…


So, are we gonna see a new MR Editor?

After all, it’s been 3 months since the info appeared stating that there will be an update.

All works well actually, except the Channel Strip

Still waiting, after all these years (Paul Simon style)

Please, can anybody confirm or not confirm whether either Cubase 9.5.41 or 10.0.20 works in OS X Mojave with a MR816 using Tools for MR 1.7.8? I’m fairly sure that when I upgraded to Mojave with Cubase 9.5.41, I couldn’t get the Channel Strip to work at all in the Cubase Project Window. Consequently I went back to OS X El Captain. However, the Steinberg Mojave Hardware Compatibility statement now just says "The Channel Strip plug-in cannot be controlled in the MR Editor. This will be fixed by the upcoming TOOLS update (which has been upcoming for over 6 months!). To me, this implies that the Channel Strip in Cubase should work, given that I wouldn’t be using the MR Editor. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Please start a new thread and title it something like will MR816X and Cubase 10.0.20 work under Mojave as you may get more tracktion

I started this thread to just get SOME KINDA ANSWER if AN actual UPDATE will EVER show up?? It has been YEARS literally

Dang! Not yet eh?

Thanks shanabit, will do.

I just hate this kind of selling “tricks”, where you basically force people to buy your newest gear by not updating the older ones.

I hardly believe that the programmers who work at Steinberg would have a problem releasing a new software/driver compatible with Mojave!

For God’s sake, macOS 10.15 is almost here and we still haven’t got a driver for 10.14. Talk about appreciation for your customers… people paid 800-1000€ for the MR816CSX and are very happy with it, but they are slowly being forced to dump it, or stop updating their macOS (which would sooner or later result in some apps not working anymore aso.)


As a developer running various Apple betas, I recently ran the 10.15 beta 1 installer - and it claims that Steinberg MR drivers will ‘no longer work’ in 10.15. Ah well… not a biggie given I just spun up a VM and installed the beta OS there. However - relevant to this thread - I am not interested in replacing my MR816x. It does the job well after all these years. On the flip side, there are often sexy interfaces that call my name… but on the whole my next few thousand dollars for gear are already allocated, pending their being earned! :slight_smile: Yes - I just want Apple/Steinberg/Waves/etc. to play nice and not break the workflows that earn me those potential GAS $…

Shanabit is it possible uninstalling MR Tools will decrease latency? I cannot get below 160 samples without excessive clicks and pops, including the buffer utility set to max. Actually the utility will not allow it go below 160. And decreasing the utility increases pops and clicks.