New TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.7

Steinberg has released new TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.7 for Windows and macOS.

The update for Mac now support macOS 10.15, plus minor issues have been resolved.
For detailed information, we ask you to refer to the corresponding version history on the download page.

Please find the update here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

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Yes … i can confirm everything is working fine now at least for Win10 - Cubase 10.5.12
Great job !

Is there going to be a replacement for the 10 year old controller that’s not available at any outlet ?


TOOLS for CC121 V1.7.7 - Can someone tell me please if these ‘Tools’ can be installed on Catalina so that I’m able to use the CC121 controller for Cubase 11 Pro. It appears support doesn’t go further than version 10.5 ? Tell me I’m wrong.


Looks like it’s a lot more modern than that…

Thanks, that’s the page I’ve been looking at. Tools install on Catalina (as well as Big Sur)without any issues. But I don’t see any place that says they will operated Cubase beyond version 10.5 ???
I’m running version 11.0.41 (Pro)
This is the bottom line of the latest release notes :
Steinberg CC121 Extension
V1.7.6 to V1.7.7

If your using Windows 10 Version 21H2 and having trouble with the CC121 connecting with Cubase 11, the file is being installed in the incorrect directory. You will find that the CC121 extension file has been installed to Program Files (x86) the directory Shared Components.

Path: Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Steinberg > Shared Components > cc121_extension_u.dll

The Fix
Copy the file, cc121_extension_u.dll, then paste into path below

Path: Windows (C:) > Program Files > Common Files > Steinberg > Shared Components. This is the correct directory for the file to be seen by Cubase 11

I had trouble installing the CC121, and this was the fix to see it in the drop down remote device list in Cubase 11. Soon as I launched Cubase 11, the CC121 controller was picked up straight away by Cubase 11.

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue. Seems it maybe an issue with the latest version of Windows 10, and maybe previous versions too

This is the latest version of Windows 10 I am using, fully up to date. 18th Dec 2021.

|Edition|Windows 10 Home
|Version 21H2
|Installed on|‎05/‎07/‎2020
|OS build 19044.1415

Hope this helps guys

A bit off-topic, but I have a big question:

Is Steinberg continuing to manufacture the CC121, or is it discontinued?

(I’ve seen quite a few people inquire about that.)

Yes, it is continued to be manufactured. They only had (and still have) supply problems like the Playstation 5.


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Looks like a confirmation that CC121 has been discontinued here:

So I bought one of the last machines. And they don’t make it anymore. Does this mean I can sell it for 3000€ on Ebay? :grinning:

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Try :wink:!
I had to wait four months for it, got mine in summer 2021.
One of the last, same here…very happy so far!

Here’s hoping they continue to provide software support for it ‘Apple Silicon’ anyone! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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They’ve officially announced that it is discontinued:

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Hi everybody,
I was planning to purchase the CC121 so now I’ll have to change my plans…
Any possible alternative you can suggest would be useful for me to consider.
The one and only controller I own is a Novation Launch Control XL (I can also use my Launchkey 61 mkII but I dont’ consider it a complete controller) did anyone ever used or it’s using it with Cubase?
Thank you very much,

Meanwhile no CC121 drivers for C12 and N12 on mac M1 !

And on steinberg CC121 page they dare to say it is compatible with C12 and N12 !

you are right that there should be silicon native driver meanwhile.

On the other hand my cc121 works like a breeze with Cubase 12 in Rosetta mode on both my MacBook m1 pro and my Mac m1 studio. So they are kind of right if they say it’s compatible (in Rosetta mode)…

what is and how do i get it to work in rosetta mode? I’m still on 10.5 cubase as was the last well known working version of cubase to work on my 2013 iMac which was running catalina the last OS possible for that year model computer. Just upgraded my computer to mac mini M2 pro and wondering to update to cubase 12/13 or not as it may stop my CC121 working? should i just update to cubase 11? is cubase 11 good for M1/M2 Macs?