New UR series driver 1.9.8 for Windows is awesome

Just a thank you to Steinberg for the Windows driver update for the UR series.

I am amazed how much better it is working on my system…

That’s interesting - I installed the new driver yesterday and for the first time ever I’m experiencing some weird and inconsistent red line overloads. It seems like when I first open a project, the ASIO meter instantly redlines, whether anything is running or not, and I am unable to click on it to reset it - it just stays redlined. After a minute or so, this behaviour stops. None of this apparent overload seems to have any effect on the sound - no pops or clicks.

You say in your other post that at 64 sample buffer size you’ve got latency down to 5ms - is that both in and out? The best I can get with my UR824 is about 10ms in and out combined.


Here is a screenshot of what I see now.
ASIO Latency.PNG

Thanks Jimmy, those are the exact same figures I get (which I suppose is what would be expected with the same audio device and same driver).

Glad to hear you’re finding the new driver more capable and more stable. I hope to find the same when I get to check it out over the weekend.


I have long ago learned to ignore that ‘red line’. Cubase always opens with that thing lit up…

Correction… I just noticed ASIO-Guard was somehow enabled at normal level. I have never had any luck using it but it seems to be working now.

Time for more testing.