New Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.9.8 for Windows


An update of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for Windows is available for download now.
Please find the driver on the download page!

Version 1.9.8 fixes the following problems:

  • Audio loss may occur if a Steinberg audio interface is connected to an USB port of the PC which is controlled by one of the specific USB controller chips inside the PC. This sometimes occurs due to the software of the USB controller to return abnormal values to our audio driver.

  • Audio may distort after some period of time because of the accumulated data error depending on the user environment.

We recommend all users of Steinberg audio interfaces with Windows OS environment to proceed to the download page and install the V1.9.8 driver.

Note :
In general, not all USB ports on a PC are controlled by the same USB controller chip resulting in different specification or performance. If you feel that your USB audio interface is not functioning well, we recommend you to try connecting to other USB ports on your PC. Especially with desktop PCs, it is often seen that an USB device functions better when connected to the rear panel port than the front panel port.

This driver is compatible with all UR Series and CI Series devices. If available, make sure to have the latest “TOOLS for UR” or “TOOLS for CI” installed for your device prior to the installation of the new driver.

I must say that I am amazed by the new driver with my system. I can now open fully mixed huge projects that typically had VST ‘real-time peak’ maxing out at 192 Samples buffer setting. With the UR824/1.98.8 driver I can now go down to 64 Samples on this project with an average of 5 msec latency and the ‘real-time peak’ meter doesn’t even touch 25%!!!

Just wow!

Thank you Steinberg people!!!

With the UR824/1.98.8 driver I can now go down to 64 Samples on this project with an average of 5 msec latency

Just for clarity. As evidenced by your screengrab on another thread the reported RTL (the figure usually referenced for latency) is still over 10s with input and output appx 5s each.

I don’t think RME (or the new pretender to the crown Zoom) will be too worried yet :wink:

I’ve found increased performance in practice BUT the Aiso performance meter is now broken peaking nearly all the time no matter what load the Cubase is under.

No problem, always used ears anyway and it never was much good but now its really useless peaking all the time with the smallest of loads while play back and recording is flawless

If it was an old school piece of equipment you would get the peak light recalibrated!!!


It is working well for me for my needs.

I am curious, what RME interface are you using? What would it cost me to get 24 tracks of pure bliss on my system?

This is a serious question by the way. Not an ‘April Fools’ joke. :slight_smile:

After installing this update the audio dropout im experiencing multiply from once in 15 minutes during browsing to every 2 minutes. And during video playback from 8 times in a 3 minute video to about every 2 seconds with some larger gaps here and there but not usable at all.

hope i can help in any way to solve this problem.

It would help if you first explained what you are doing as you did in the other thread. I believe you have a completely different cause for your issues. The new driver isn’t helping your existing issue.

What sort of “browsing” are you talking about… I would highly recommend you disable all your network interfaces whilst using the UR and then see what happens.

There is a bug on new driver,when i change lets say from 44,1 to 96khz,then what ever is playn sound in background it changes to windows audio,and then i have to manualy select audio interface as default,i have ur22 mk2

Update to 1.9.8 results in the ASIO performance red light being on continuously at all but very high buffer settings.
Rolled back to 1.9.6 no longer have the problem.

Rather a sensitive little beast this steinberg driver.

Recently purchased the ur22mkII and I’m confused why its listed under the “safely remove devices list”, typically this type of equipment isn’t listed as its hotpluggable and not a storage device. Am keeping mine connected to a desktop so this is a minor nuisance. I wish Steinberg will change this in a future driver as I also occasionally remove the device by accident trying to remove a USB Storage device.


I’m trying to use a MG10XU mixer with my computer but I’m getting mad dropouts.

I’m running Windows 10. If someone who can help see’s this, I can send a Belarc computer rundown so you can see my specs.

I’m hoping to use this mixer because my old presonus firestudio mobile has a bad headphone jack, and also has drop outs, though the Yamaha is worse.

I pretty much only have USB on the back of my desktop, there’s two available at the front of my computer, but they might not be any better than the ones in the back

Hope you can help…

I have tried reinstalling the driver but I think I messed up the setup file by restarting the computer while it was trying to uninstall.

And when I reinstall on top of the current driver, it actually says I have a newer driver than the 1.9.8.

The last device I used with the steinberg yamaha driver was a PSR e453 keyboard.

ok thanks.


I was able to get it working by moving my wireless adapter to the back of the computer. Now it works flawlessly!

well, I’m back.

after two days of working fine I’m getting more drop-outs