New Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version 2.1.1 for Windows

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver for Windows.
The driver update solved a problem in which a blue screen was caused when using the AXR4U at 96khz or higher and some minor problems have been solved.
Please find the YSUSB Driver here

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Thanks Stefan,

But it seems that this driver does not let Cubase release audio to other applications when Cubase is in background - see thread Cubase Pro 11 does not release audio driver - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Also UR44C Latest Driver Issue 2.1.1 Windows 10 - Steinberg Hardware / UR-C Series - Steinberg Forums



Got to agree, dreadful multiclient support, rolling back to v2.03

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Does this behave strangely on Windows 11 for anyone else? The audio periodically cuts out for a second, and today I had to reinstall it as the driver appeared to get corrupted, and was crashing Cubase.


Hello, i confirm that Cubase Pro 11 with Steinberg USB driver version 2.1.1 does not release audio driver. Version 2.04 seems working there.

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