UR44C Latest Driver Issue 2.1.1 Windows 10

It seems that latest Windows 10 USB driver 2.1.1 for UR44C audio interface has issue with simultaneous playing audio/video from browser (i.e. Youtube), and use DAW at the same time. With that combination DAW is stable, but youtube stops playing sound and video starts to buffer. I have uninstalled 2.1.1 driver and reinstalled 2.0.4 immediately issue has been fixed, now I can play youtube and use DAW at the same time.


Same here with UR22C driver update. The audio device “Line” should be manually disabled and then enabled to get other things using windows audio run as expected once I launch DAW and even after I close it.

Same issue here.

Same here. Downgraded to previous driver. (UR 44C + WIN 10)

Same issue here. Downgraded to 2.0.4 driver (UR816C - Windows 11)

No issues here > UR816C latest driver/W10/C12/YT playing all at the same time.
Maybe you can check if in Cubase the “release driver when applicatuon is in background” is activated? it should not.