New Z790 13900kf win10 any recommendations?

Hello everyone,

I finally switched from Amd to Intel.
My previous setup was a 5950x processor and x570s.
Intel 13900kf and z790
I read a few topics on the forum and followed some recommendations.
Eist is off
E cores are disabled
C state disabled
Power option on high performance.
Disabled onboard audio.
Disabled windows defender as well.
I passed latencyMon.

Any other tweaks that I’m missing?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

So why this CPU if you disable the features?

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Yep , Go through every setting box on the left side and disable everything you are not using in settings and i mean everything , turn off all non essential background apps and you’ll be surprised how much is running in the background . this will lighten windows quite a bit , disable all non essential apps on start up . Go to your internet and DISABLE wifi , not just turn it off , disable the network driver

That’all keep you going for a little while lol

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real men and women use the BIOS to disable wifi :wink:


I have 13700k, and steinberg with cubase havent solved the problem yet for E-cores. they are working on it. Bit before that its good to disable it if you have heavy load project, coz windows 11 steel cpu power for background process.

I disable hyperthreading on the first 6 cores, c state. And have E-cores on. And somtimes of. Just to try. But put all on when usin super heavy load with Izotope rx10 pro. its a new teknology with intel ddr5 and all new motherboard that come out with new bios all the time to optimise. and all other software is behind before they are Done.

I hope cubase 13 have fix hyperthreading and E-core problem when its out.

And pul up the singel core to 52 for normal project, with normal Cooling. and 55 on heavy project :slight_smile:

Ahhh , it depends of which world your from , my tech tips are from a distant retarded galaxy where things have evolved and there is no he/she ,only …US :rofl:

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And dont forget to Enable GNA device in bios.

I tryed some settings today, in bios for my 13700k. Hyperthreading disable on all P cores accept 6 amd7 core. And have etablerade first 4 E cores and disable last 4 E cores. And put my ddr5 5600 MHz to
6 000 MHz

Then i test cubase and max out everything on all instrument and all chanels with different instrument. My RAM whas on 95% and my cpu on 25% and stable. I dont know why, but it works on my pc. Have 3 Samsung 990pro.

Dont know if its some of the settings or the GNA device that is help its an AI chip on the motherboard to gett stuff smoother and make stuff go around other hardware to even out stuff.

And i feel a different with GNA device enable when rendering in RX10. maby the chip understand what is going on and prepare stuff. Can anyone explane if GNA device AI chip does somthing in this enviroment?

On the Z790 gigabyte master I couldn’t find the wifi adapter setting. Only the Lan

Maybe that motherboard does not have onboard wifi?

I’m not sure if I understood clearly.
You mean a 13900 vs the 5950x that I had?
The CPU is not the cause for me to switch build. 13700 and 13600 is fine also.
The Chipset was my main concern to move away from the older AMD 570 chipset.
The new X670 would been a good choice to.
The 5950x performed good but not good enough. Is it the chipset… swapped 3 motherboards in a year half time and 3 audio interfaces. The result = 13 years earlier Cubase 4 / rme multiface / pentium 4 was a powerhouse. Considering the 2 core pentium vs 32 core of today’s amd.
Now will see the z790 if it does well. I’m already seing some improvements

Wow – you’re disabling more than half of your CPU?

Kind of curious: If you’re worried about the E cores, why did you switch to Intel, rather than just getting a new generation Ryzen, which doesn’t have E cores?

It does …

that’s interesting - I must have found the wrong spec sheet web page. And interesting that you can’t disable wifi in the BIOS. I guess, then you have to do it in Windows.

That is something to consider…
But, I’m using a babyface usb interface.
Intel’s USB is Native and AMD is a mix of them on the cpu and asmedia from the chipset.
I just set it up yesterday will continue testing. So far so good. The intel seems more responsive.

Exactly… thats the first time I’ve ever seen this. No bluetooth or wifi in the bios. Pretty odd
Its a GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Master

But yeah the plan B would definitely be a 7950x .

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is there any chance, it’s one of

  • OnBoard LAN Controller
  • OnBoard LAN Controller#2

Its could be! Will check in a bit.
Great troubleshooting tip

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I checked everywhere in the bios. There’s nothing

don’t you have a “Disabled” option for those 2 LAN Controllers?

page 19:

or did I look in the wrong manual? This is what I found on the Gigabyte website:

mb_manual_intel700series-bios_e.pdf (3.0 MB)