Newbie question re SL7 Pro Unmix - guitars wanted

I’m completly new to spectral ediiting, so be gentle. :smiley:

When I unmix a song to stems in SL7 Pro I get Vocals, Piano, Drums, Bass, Other.

Is there some techincal reason guitars don’t get unmixed separately? They seem to be bundled into ‘Other’ with strings etc.

Is there a way to do this as easily as the other stems?

Or a more involved technique I need to learn?

There is only a limited number of options for unmix, as you have found out.

You ask if there is a technical reason…well the unmix function is heavily based on Spleeter (let’s be honest…it IS Spleeter) and they haven’t done the work to (yet?) to unmix guitars

maybe for a future version.

Well Mr dr, Robin had in a past post precised your ‘honest’ appreciation newly expressed here. I quote next the answer then put forward, so those reading this thread, also have accurate info:

//As its easy to appreciate, by the explanation and its actual use; Spectralayers 7 unmix function is not Spleeter. To be based on is very different to your emphasis stated above. *1

This is ‘the other post’ with further info about the Unmix feature that Robin mentioned in that quotation:

From this interesting thread:

*1(Edited out further qualifiers here, for the congeniality of this forum).

Nspace you are 100% correct - it’s nothing to do with Spleeter - zero, zilch, nada, no way, totally different. How can it be - SL7 runs at different sample rates, different bit depths ?

I’m glad you’ve cleared that up for me.

The irony expressed in your previous comment mr dr, might need at some point the further qualifiers restrained above.
I guess most forum readers will just add their own conclusions about how things have been expressed and reasoned in these threads, to the plethora of other similar lively examples going on in the media these times…

If I am correct in that, then I better send those ideas to you as a pm. However I am very busy at the moment and have a loong list of interesting and meaningful things to do in front of me (including dozens of Spectralayers 7 projects), so most probably will not, for the time being.

On the contrary, if I am wrong. Well, you knew better all the time.

not to busy to be surfing this forum and posting here of course :smiley:

flute is pretty close to vocals in term of spectral signature, and guitar spectral signature is so wide that it’s hard to properly capture it and discriminate it from say piano for instance.

Thanks everyone.

Kind of as I expected.

Still amazing software! Enjoying learning this tool.