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Ok. I’ll admit. I’m still a little butt-hurt over Hal 7. I just expected a LOT more. I’ve posted a million times about this so I’m not gonna waste any more time. But I think we need to talk about the 7.5 update.

What features do we want and what are the expectations?

  1. I for one wish they would finally fix the panning bug on Apple Silicon. Use the surround sound plugin and you’re gonna be in the HELL of DAW Poofs.

Hal 7 is still buggy. That’s a shame. Surround sound is gonna be a big deal! I’m not sure why this isn’t a priority!

  1. More Engines. Like Roland Cloud. Let us buy a Motif ES expansion. A Yamaha AN1X engine. How about some of those not very appealing to me reface engines for like $99 a pop!

Go team Steinberg! You can do it!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Why a Yamaha AN1x engine? HALion has a VA engine. I had an AN1x for a long time. Everything that was possible with the AN1x is possible with the HALion VA engine and much more. In terms of sound, the HALion VA engine is also superior to the AN1x.

Motif sounds are also included in the HALion, but the Montage and/or Genos samples would make more sense, or the RCM synthesis of the SY99 in addition to the FM synthesis.

I also hope that there will be more in the 7 version and that we won’t have to wait six years again.


Yep. I agree the VA is better in Halion…but I do miss some,of the tones on the AN1X. Why not the weirdo FM module FS1R? I’m just saying Halion SEEMS to me to be some modified version of the Motif code. So it’s should have a lot of options available to us to expand its sound.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Yes, the FS1R module would be really cool. I recently watched a video of the FS1R, it’s absolutely amazing what’s possible with this part. What I’ve been wanting for years in the HALion is vector synthesis and wave sequencing ala KORG Wavestation/Wave State. But unfortunately nothing is happening there either. However, I have little hope that this will come. An extended physical modelling engine would also be cool.

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Vector synthesis is simple in HALion. Just assign the volume of four zones to the quick controls 9 and 10. Two in positive direction and two inverted. Should be not too hard for macropage scripters out there to create a macropage with four drop fields to vector morph between your own sounds without any parameter editing. Would do it myself, but so many toys, so little time.


I remember seeing it when it was being kinda phased out and it looked like a piece of medical equipment. I kinda kick myself for not buying one. And the goofy Fizmo. I HAD a Kawai K5000s but it sounded HORRIBLE>.

Amadeus e.d.p.

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Yeah you’re waaaaay over my sound design pay grade.

Amadeus e.d.p.

You may be able to approximate the FS1R by resampling an export of the FM Zone and inputting it into a Spectral Zone. I have not used the FS1R, so I am only speculating that the results could possibly be similar.

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It was 6 years between Halion 6 and 7, so I wouldn’t expect anything any time soon.

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I was a little disappointed as well. I was hoping for zooming (menu’s are still small on 5K screens) and to fix the bug where it shrinks when changing to the FM macro.
Also include the VL1 engine. Seems logical.

Yeah, I mean it was progress. But yikes…what were the team DOING all that time? Like someone said earlier…hopefully this is a Framework Rewrite that we didn’t know about and the pace will pick up a bit.

I’m STILL eyeballing Falcon!

Amadeus e.d.p.


As usual sir…you are waaaaaay over my sound design pay grade!

Amadeus e.d.p.

Do you have HiDPI enabled?

Thank you for the kind words. Maybe this idea could make it into a future third-party library.

I don’t have that option in H7.

The Fs1R in it’s day was the go to formant engine , the best .
Can i ask one thing ?
You say on Facebook you had been running Halion 7 waaaaaaay before the release , can i ask how such trivial bugs managed to slip through the beta stage ? , things like right clicking of most fields in certain area’s causes H7 to crash which have been logged with Steinberg . Did you not try these functions ?

i’m still waiting for a respons from steinberg regarding those bugs report , we did send some time ago.

wave sequencing, ohh, is it possible to create a fake wave sequencing in Halion, it must be possible somehow ???.

I’ve been trying to fake A bit of wave sequencing in Halion, fail each time.

Maybe the flex phraser could do it, but you cant make you own phraser.

Then there is the (mega trigger or layer alternate modules), which could swith between each layer, ones each layer / sample has reached the end, then the next sample would play, and next, with different filter , pitch / octave setting, but this way of doing wave sequencing , is somehow combersome and diffcult, i am not really shure how to fake wave sequencing in halion 7, is it even possible ???….
I will try the ( layer alternate) etc, today, see if i can somehow fake wave sequencing ??.

If you run HALion as a plugin, select the OPTIONS tab. Then navigate to the EDIT (wrench icon) section. It will be there.

If you run HALion in standalone, select Open Preferences (cog Icon in the upper right corner). Then navigate to the General tab. It will be there.

It will scale HALion to the DPI settings of your operating system. Some macro pages may appear blurry because they have not been built with scaling in mind.


What bugs are you experiencing?

Select USER at the top of the Flex Phraser to create your own sequences. This tip may help you achieve your desired result.

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Thanks chris.
Regarding the Halion 7 bugs, you can find my reported halion bugs in my earlier post in this forum (halion crashing , when unloading and loading new fm patch in same slot, etc…)

I will try the flexphraser etc, today, and and much more , see if i can pull this of, by creating a fake wave sequencing, but i do expect it is virtually impossible, but if i sucess, i will report back some tips and trick.:grimacing::slightly_smiling_face:.

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