Next Update - Cubasis 1.2

The last update was really appreciated, and improved Cubasis greatly. Do you have a shortlist of next update and maybe timeframe? Thank You.

Hi Mgmg4871,

The next update will be available mid of march at latest. :slight_smile:
We are working on many new things, but we won’t give any details about what’s coming until it’s 100% safe that those features will be there on in the next version.

Good work guys :laughing: :laughing:

Thank you. We appreciate your communication.

I’m really excited by this news! Midi Controllers and Tempo track pleeeeease!!


I’ve yet to purchase Cubasis but if some of the issues are addressed in the next update, I will be jumping on board.
It’s annoying when developments are promised or hinted at but never materialise. Just ask the owners of Roland’s Fantom G who after 2 software updates have been left out in the wild with their 2 grand keyboard capable of so much more.
Anyway, hope the apparent good work by the Steinberg developers continues and this becomes the best kick ass portable DAW on the market…


I like that they are not making promises they cannot deliver on! That’s how you keep happy customers.
By the way…can i make a request, more sounds or expansion packs as in-app purchase at least…
Of course a drum sampler would be nice, but i can live with impc and BM2 w/audiobus for now…
But honestly, more sounds, and i can finally say i can do complete projects on this app alone!

  • 1 for the Tempo Track!!

Hi Mobetta,

Thanks for your feedback, we have that in our list, but I can’t say which version will include that as we first need to build the in-app mechanism. :slight_smile:

This is great news!
Here are 2 things we absolutely need :

  • better implementation of zooming and swiping, see GB
  • side-chain compression (this is a must, IMO)
    Other than that, surprise me!

ps. Audiobus ROCKS with Cubasis!

Program Changes, Control Changes, and System Exclusive Please. On a machine that has unlimited Midi Tracks available the MIDI options shouldn’t be so limited. I would pay extra for this. I would also be shocked if they add Program Changes or SysEx. If they did it would blow away all competition. Any hints as to if SysEx is on the list of things to add on upcoming updates even if it is not the next one?

Guys, it’s easier for all of us to keep track of the feature requests if we stick to the correct thread

24bit 96khz recording!

I like being visited by the thread police.

Please take Cubasis out of the ‘Toy’ category and add 24 bit audio and full bandwidth headset audio input on the next update!

MIDI Clock Sync please

Oh, and please fix the problem where you can only select stereo pairs from your external audio interface. Need ro be able to use mono inputs! Thanks