NI Massive X causes Cubase 12 Pro to hang on VST3 scan

This was happening to me after the new install of Cubase 12 .To resolve it, I cut all of the files out of the VST3 folder, put them in a temporary folder and then added them all back (folders and/or files) into the original VST3 folder - one at a time - to find the offending plug -in.
For me it was Native Instruments Massive X. Which is completely weird since there was no issue whatsoever with Cubase 11.
Could Steinberg please add an alert window to tell us what plug in is causing the VST3 scan to hang. The way I had to do it is a painfully manual way to resolve the problem. Also why did Massive X scan fine with Cubase 11 Pro but then crash Cubase 12 Pro? Thanks much! Cheers -

I’ve massive X installed in demo mode but I do not have the same problem

Hey @jonji Thanks for your post!

Do you have other NI effects plugins like Raum or Choral? Do they work for you in Cubase 12?

I have hard crashes with Cubase 12 and various NI effects plugins, as posted here: Cubase 12: Hard Crash With Native Instruments Effect Plugins

If you have NI effects plugins, could you check whether they are also on Cubase 12’s blocklist?

Thanks & all the best

No problems with Native Komplete on my Windows 11 install with any of their plugins. If it adds Massive X to the blacklist go there and try to re-active it

Don’t know if this has been resolved or not. Given that a couple months have gone by, I assume it is?
Either way, for what it’s worth i have the same problem.
I had to remove Massive X to a temp folder so Cubase wouldn’t scan for it. So I just don’t get to use the plugin at all. Kinda sucks but don’t know what else to do.
Today I opened native access and saw an update for Massive X. Updated the plugin. Tried to open Cubase. Now I’m back to getting stuck at scanning for vst3.
After removing the plugin from all folders it’s still stuck.
This is beyond annoying. I’m starting to hate Native Instruments

Hey kids - Just an FYI.
I did the the same thing Tony did with my original Massive X/ Cubase 12issue and the problem still remained for me as well. It’s definitely Cubase 12 specific. I have not yet informed NI as I’m not a big Massive X user (I will eventually though) but wanted to confirm that the problem still exists in Cubase 12. All of my other NI plugins scan in just fine. Cheers!

Windows 11, Cubase 12.0.2 here. Just updated to the latest version of Massive X, ran Komplete Kontrol then opened Cubase and had no issues.
All NI instruments and effects are working and Cubase load time is the same.

NI released an update to Massive X v1.4 yesterday 07-05-22. Updating it might help.