Nice update Steinberg!

Just wanted to say that this update/new version is working great here.
I recently reformatted my C Drive and re-installed Windows 7.
So I installed Nuendo 6.5 on a clean system.
I decided to be brave and only installed 6.5 without installing 5 or 5.5 or 6.07.

Launching and especially quitting Nuendo is much faster.
Although it wasn’t slow to begin with for me.
No problems opening older projects.
No problems yet at all…

Good Work!

    1. Same happy morning here as well. Rock solid performance so far, and I LOVE the new LUFS-meter! And thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for putting the TP-graph and the navigation buttons in the loudness track, that’s brilliant!
      Well done! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the great feedback! Good to hear you like what we have done.


Mixer configurations are fixed! This is such a great feature that was not really usable until now. I love the configurable visible tracks in the project window now. I haven’t tried the new playlist feature but I know that will be handy. It seems stable, though I am finding save/auto save taking a little longer than it used to. And the mixdown issue I have with some projects, that is not a problem in 5.5, is still there.

Overall it feels good. Thanks Steinberg.


Has the icon / function in the insert slot been fixed yet?

In Nuendo 6.0.7 the icon is an “on/off” icon, and when pressed activates the plugin bypass instead!

And if you open up the plugin, turn the plugin off, close it, and then press that button (in the insert slot) it will turn the plugin back on again, but with a second press activate bypass!

The visual feedback is the same between “bypass” and “on/off” of course. This came back to bite me during a recent delivery to a client.

Very much digging N6.5! Nice work, SB!


Same here, 6.5 is solid and a great upgrade, well done! john.

It’s been without any (new) problems up to now.
2 days intensive testing and using without crashes.
2 mixes done.
Track visibility management in the project and mix pages are just AMAZING!
Track versions are great as well.


How is this fixed? I’m curious (and serious).

Mixer configurations would not load properly when opening a project requiring re-saving one of the configurations before the rest would be available. Sometimes that would still not translate to other mixers, only to the mixer that was re-saved. The behavior is now consistent in all mixers and works when the project is first opened.


Thanks. Now I get it :wink:

The only thing missing in the mixer configurations now, is that the zoom level will not port over from one mixer to the next. Maybe it’s by design?

All different rack parts are now saved/loaded properly. Nice.

How do you use the 8 mixer configurations in combination with the 4 mixers?

Are you just using 1 mixer, and the 8 configs? To retain the zoom level?

Or are you using the 4 mixers for 4 different zoom settings? On purpose?

Just installed the N6.5 Trial as we speak, and will check out some different ideas. I’m suddenly back :slight_smile:

Thank you for this update. This is great. Especially ADR taker is now absolutely marvelous!
Track versions is also nice to have in the toolbox.

Bye / Tumppi

Track Visibility - Great
Track Versions - Great.

VST Instruments - New look - Still getting to grips with that, but will be good.

Hub - Switched off completely - no interest in that whatsoever.

Same here!

I like that update. Though it is in some way more something like a “final 6.0” for me - but in the end it only cares what we have to work with :slight_smile:

Beside regular all-time-crashes under certain circumstances (please, Mods - check my other posts icl videos!) I have a very stable system so far. I just have to avoid to do certain things. Software as its best.

Some smaller things are fixed / better now - can not recall what it was - but during work I had some smaller “aha, cool” moments over here… Some other things are sadly not changed/fixed/modified but well… it works.

To iBM

Usually I only use 4 mix configurations. One for the full mixer, one for all groups, one for all fx and one for lead vocal and related tracks. I use the programmable buttons on my Mackie Control assigned to a configuration so I am one button away from getting where I need to be. On big projects, this speeds up mixing a lot. If there is a track combination that you would want see frequently, just program it in. And now that mixer configurations is fixed I am finding that I only use one mixer.


So you are actually using 4 mix configurations in the same way we used the 4 different mixers in N5.5?

That’s how I have set up my N6.5 Trial, on a win 8.1 test computer, so far.

In C7.5, I have set up:
Mixer 1 on screen one, with only audio tracks, on top of my arrange window.
Mixer 2 is on screen two, with only Group tracks + FX tracks, placed on top of mixer 3.
Mixer 3 is set up for tracking sessions, with Inputs and Groups with Cue Sends + Control Room (on screen two).
So I just close down Mixer 2 when setting up cue mixes and checking input levels on Mixer 3. I then open Mixer 2 up again to see all my Groups and FX.

So at the final mixing stage, I have full screen Audio Track Mixer on screen one, and a full screen Group Track Mixer on screen two (inc my FX tracks).

On my One screen test computer (my first test level :wink:), I have made myself 4 different configurations for N6.5.
I mainly use one mixer for my first config = Audio tracks only, while I flip between my three other configs on mixer two (which simulates what I intend to have on a second screen).

I have tried to use my 4 configs across all 4 mixers, only to realize that the zoom level will not follow the configs over to the different mixers. But at least they have now fixed the rack-modules to follow the config from one mixer to the next.
I may end up using this to my advantage, and set up the 4 mixers for 4 different zoom levels.

4 configurations > 4 different zoom levels > 4 different mixers. Does that make sense?

Or just go for 4-8 configurations > 1 zoom level > 1 mixer. Is this a way to go?

There are a lot of small things I “hate” about the new mixer, and don’t let me start on the Control Room :wink:. But…

… But I really like the Track Visibility, and believe it or not, the hi-pass filter in the pre-section is a favorite (almost worth the upgrade alone, he he :slight_smile: ).

But the “Hovering for info”, man it is tiresome. Only to see info on one track at a time (we used to be able to sweep our eyes across the screen to see much more info at a glance in C6.5 and N5.5).
Why do they have to tell me that all empty inserts and sends are…empty??? I can kinda see that :unamused:

The Insert names can be a mess if you have reasonable sized channel/tracks in the mixer. I don’t want to have a 2" wide channel to see the names properly. The “intelligent” abbreviation, is not very “intelligent” IMO.

I had really hoped they would have changed the way events on top are looking (crosshatch pattern that never rest your eyes), but no, not this time around (gotten more used to the Cubase GUI in this regard).

That said, I LOVE the Track Version feature.

Sorry for long post, but there are at least both some pros and some cons in there. A bit for everyone, I guess :slight_smile:

Happy so far….

Very very pleased that the brushed metal effect on mixer has been replaced. My studio looks 21st century again.

Still learning the visibility features - and finding them good. That ancient thread “hide unused tracks” is finally put to bed IMHO.

Feels a little heavier on CPU - time will tell if this is a real problem. I am opening projects that originated in N4, went to N5 then N6. So far without problems.

Not crazy about the rather large VST rack.

Well worth the upgrade price - and please don’t groan, SB have to finance this amount of work somehow.

Quite right. When moving the cursor over the Slots (I hate them) we don’t need to be constantly told that a slot has ‘No Effect’ in it.

Totally agree on that. The same info and options could be compressed. I tend to use a large number of stereo VSTi instead of multichannel. The amount of VSTi you can see without scrolling is now about 30% of what used to be.

I don’t mind a change in general, but there is now far too much wasted space on the “virtual rack” graphics. The same thing could be accomplished and still let us see a lot more VSTi slots at a glance, without scrolling.

Pretty please?