NKS-ready Cubase/Steinberg Instruments for Komplete Kontrol

Hey, first of all, I’d like to say I enjoy working in Cubase since looong time which gets even better and better with each update more than any other DAW I used.

My feature request is about easy and fast sound browsing and controls-mapping. The Steinberg VST instruments like HALion Sonic 3, Retrologue, Padshop, Groove Agent are really great and most presets are fantastic sounding.

Cubase has already native support for the NI Komplete Kontrol keyboards. I’d love to see Steinberg Instruments NKS-ready inside Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol. This would allow fast browsing from the NI Keyboards and also include the super easy hands-on-automation with pre-mapped controls for the 8 encoders for every instrument.

Imo this would be a great addition to the build-in Cubase Quick Controls. Alternatively the Cubase Media Bay pre-listen function could be made sample-based instead of loading up the patch each time for preview of VST instruments.

Very true! Sadly there is no word about it from Steinberg.

There is the possibility to do it yourself the NKS configuration with sound sample, it is not very complicated but it can take a lot of time especially with Halion Sonic which has thousands of presets.
Anyway, when you load a preset into Komplete Kontrol, whether from N.I or another brand with the NKS and sound sample, when you modify this sound and save it as a user preset, you lose this sound sample. Hence the importance of being able to create them yourself.

Komplete Kontrol can host non NI VST3? Not yet … here. Steinberg products are VST3 only.

yes of course, in the User Library

Can you show me, where?
No Halion e.g.

I will put many photos to show you but when I insert them in the message, it takes forever to download.
Do you have a tip for this?

I copy the screenshot into the clipboard and paste it with CTRL-V into the textfield. Should work for PC too, I’m on Mac.

Maybe the VST2 versions only installed on PC? Sinca a long time there are no VST2 versions of Steinberg products installed.
btw, I own Halion.

Ok thanks for the advice.
You have to select the folder in Location and scanner for vst Steinberg

ah, ok, you’re on PC.

Yes of course

But you’re right @Arnaud88 if the VST is visible in the KK menu, it’s possible to create NKS. I’ve did a lot with an automation tool, here on Mac Keyboard Maestro, including pictures.

Yes absolutely, I’ve already done some for ElectraX and I’ll see later for Halion Sonic because it’s long
but it is possible, and to make sound samples too.

Ah yes me too for the images on the screens of the keyboard, it personalizes

Komplete kontrol only detects VST2? I ask why I don’t see Steinberg products on KK.

I use Cubase PRO 12. Is there any solution?

Thanks Arnaud88,
I have the same folders listed (except C:\Program File\Vstplugins\Retrologue), but it doesn’t detect any Steinberg products.
I have the SE versions of Halion and GA of Cubase 12 Pro, maybe it only detects the Standalone versions?
I tried to insert other Steinberg folders but without success.

It is possible that SE versions are not recognized by Komplete Kontrol. Me too these versions are installed but not visible as shown in the pictures.

try this, i just did it and it works for me for “Halion Sonic SE”
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\HALion Sonic SE

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