NKS-ready Cubase/Steinberg Instruments for Komplete Kontrol

Great Arnaud88 !!!
Finally I see Halion Sonic SE in KK!
Strange that KK doesn’t detect it.
Thanks thanks thanks!

Last effort … Tell me you also know the right path for Groove Agent SE, Padshop 2 and Retrologue

I searched for Groove Agent and I can’t find the file with the extension “.dll” so for the moment impossible for this vst. For Padshop 2, it’s a bit complicated because following an update that there had been, I could no longer have it in KK but only in Cubase. I had to uninstall it to reinstall the version with previous update ( from April 21, 2020). This also applies to Retrologue. (update of April 19, 2021).

Ok, I understand.
We await new developments.
Thanks again!

the installation path is the following for these vsti: C:\Program Files\Vstplugins

If you upgrade to the latest Retrologue or Padshop Steinberg will DELETE the old VST2 version! You need to manually copy it first to still have something that works in KK or Machine.

Steinberg provided NO indication about this and we only find out after we get screwed. They really need to be better than this.

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Yes indeed, I had proceeded in this way by manually “copy/pasting” the VST3 Padshop and Retrologue folders after the reinstallation of the previous versions in order to benefit from the latest updates of these vsti in Cubase. But unfortunately not in KK. It’s not great!

Danix78, it’s fixed for VST3 Steinberg with KK update 2.8 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great @Arnaud88
Thank you!
I updated and … there they are!
Unfortunately no previews appear

Don’t see Groove Agent SE? Retrologue?..

Yes, I see all 4 in KK:
1 - GA SE,
2 - Halion Sonic SE,
3 - Padshop,
4 - Retrologue

But preview images are not generated in “All Instruments”.

Patience, a big step forward for now!

Cubase may have native support for Komplete Kontrol keyboards but it’s buggy as hell. Integration tends to crash for me after opening a couple projects, requiring a Cubase restart, and there’s also an automation bug where the automation engine get’s “stuck” in write position that I’m pretty sure is NKS related.

I’d LOVE an update to the above plus more integration but I suspect the keyboards just aren’t in wide enough use.

You can edit the images yourself for previews.

GPnicolett, KK integration works fine for me. Are the transport buttons malfunctioning? The Mixer? the autofocus?

Everything works fine until it doesn’t, usually after having opened two or three projects. The keyboard loses the link with the Komplete Kontrol wrapper and Cubase needs to be restarted. Specifically it seems to be autofocus that stops working as I can manually link the keyboard by the wrapper, but I usually ALSO get the stuck automation bug at the same time (writing any automation leaves the track with automation stuck “on” and automation stops working on that track)

I’ve tried and tried to track down the issue but I’m fairly convinced it’s a bug. I’m a film composer and might a hundred instances of Komplete Kontrol open at once so I tend to run into these kinds of problems pretty frequently.

I used to have massive problems with Komplete Kontrol. It would lose the integrated connection with Cubase whenever I switched between two instances of KK. I believe it was a wildly known issue and to the best of my knowledge, has been rectified.
I have around 50-60 instances of KK at most and have not had that issue in quite some time.

Yes, I was fighting that bug for a long time myself! Posted lots and lots about it here, worked with tech support.

This is something else, doesn’t happen anywhere near as often but is still annoying.

Ah OK. It has happened to me that the keyboard no longer responds and have to restart Cubase, but rarely. I specify all the same that I am only a small amateur musician of Sunday, nothing professional.
For the automation bug, no idea.
For autofocus, see this to fix it:

Ok, how do you do it?

Here’s a guide that seems fairly encompassing.


Thank you mlindeb for this link, it’s easier like that as an explanation.