No "Always on top" for Rewire?

The title says it all?
Or is this a feature request?
It’s not just the Rewire Windows.
It’s just annoying to have windows jumping around and lose focus.
I really hope this gets better in Cubase 7 ???


Come join the fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I’ve discovered it’s also the pool, mediabay windows, BeatDesigner (??? this totally perplexing as most other midi plugins are AOT capable) and the midi editors.

Has anyone ever heard from Steiny why all sub-windows cannot be AOT capable? Is there possibly a technical reason? Or is it simply, ‘we haven’t got around to it?’


The reason given for years was the mish-mash of legacy code. They say fixing one thing breaks a lot of other things at times due to that code.

Steiny has said that re-writing the code is a top priority and given other newly released Steiny apps with different window behavior, I would tend to believe them.

Been waiting this long, a little longer won’t kill.

yeah. seems reasonable. just a little window fatigue if that makes sense.

I saw some HALion 4 videos the other day … again … and again … :open_mouth:
Maybe they’ve figured out how to do it now? :sunglasses:
And that was only the windows!
It makes sounds you can edit as well
I * w a n t * o n e !!! :open_mouth:

Halion 4 is brilliant, by far the best audio related purchase I made this year. It is not perfect and there is more I would like to see done with it, but overall I am quite pleased and thoroughly enjoy using it every day I can.


No Joke my friend. It’s workflow was built for me. I am more productive with Halion 4 than I ever was with Halion 3 and the competition. Again, not perfect, but well on its way and in the future I can only see it getting better. The little things they thought of bring a smile to my face every time I stumble upon them.

so … H4 on the list. Check!

Perhaps you should check out the Demo to see how it fares do your working style?

I’m not alien to the idea … :wink:
I’ve already figured out it’s a 60 day demo.
Mid February … sweeeet!
Oh, WTF!
-“Cover me! I’m going in …” :sunglasses:

Mission complete! It’s on the screen! :sunglasses:
Expires 2012-02-15
Thanks for the push! :laughing:

hehe, you are most welcome. Steinberg have done a great job with this update and they deserve the sales.

Hit me up if you should need any help with Halion. I have played with it quite extensively and may be of assistance if you get lost.

Any sampler head:

freakin’ awesome! :open_mouth: :sunglasses:
Integrated in the middle of Cubase built by Steinberg.
Loads of tools, move windows around, it loads my HSO and HSSE content …
And I haven’t scratched the surface yet!!!
And of course it sounds fantastic, but everything just has to these days.

So … finally back to topic. This “Always on top” and all that has to be addressed in Cubase 7 … please? :confused: