No Audio at Session Start and when inserting an external Device

Hi Everybody,

I have an Issue with Cubase 13 (but this bug already existed for a long time in Cubase 12 on my system):
Sometimes when I load a session, I don’t have any audio (the audio performance meter also isn’t showing any activity). I have to go into the audioconnections-window and load my control-room preset, although the connections are already set as they should. Clicking on the same preset again seems to force the audio engine to restart and eventually I get back the audio (sometimes I have to reload the preset several times).
This also happens sometimes when I insert an external device (I have some external devices set up in the audioconnections).
Anybody an idea why that happens?

My System:
Cubase 13 and 12
RME Fireface 802 (newest driver)
Win 11 (everything up to date) but I already had this bug on Win 10

I frequently have the same issue (though a little less with C13), but with a RME Fireface UCX. I made a thread, long ago, about it and never found a true solution, since, despite what suggests the edit I made on its title.

I must say that I didn’t think of the Control Room preset : good to know, thanks. Usually, to solve the issue I use the Reset button in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel.

Okay thank you for your answer, so it seems to be an issue regarding the rme audio driver I guess… Did you have any disussion about this issue with the RME support maybe?

No, because I never had the same issue with Reaper (the only other ‘DAW’ I have). So, I suspect that the problem isn’t coming from RME…

okay you might be right, I don’t have that problem in other programs either…
I wrote an email to the RME support anyway, maybe they have a solution. I’m going to keep you updated!

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Thanks ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay the RME Support answered: “Der Treiber ist in keiner Weise involviert, was Cubase-interne Vorgänge angeht.” → “The driver is in no way involved in Cubase-internal processes.”
So it seems to be an issue with Cubase I guess…

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I was expecting it, but thanks for the report, anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe someone from Cubase devs crew could chime in, after this RME support answer… :neutral_face:

yeah that would be great!