No audio from 3rd party apps in Cubasis 3.2

Hi Lars,
here are my reproducible steps for my current AU problems of 3rd party apps going mute that you requested on the App Store/Cubasis 3 reviews page, (username Midimania)
I encounter these problems on quite a regular basis (but not every time) and it is becoming rather annoying, especially if I play a finished project to another person and realise halfway through that something is unexpectedly not playing as it should, resulting in having to close and re-open the offending synths then restart. Incidentally, Magellan 2 is the only 3rd party app in my collection that has never suffered any problems at all, it is completely stable just like the onboard Cubasis Instruments. Here is my setup…
iPad 8 - 128Gb.
Sample Rate 48kHz
Bit Resolution 16

Studio Quality - ON
Play audio tracks while recording- ON
Device Latency 5.3ms
Audio Engine Latency 5.3ms
Audio Recording Offset Comp - ON (16ms)
Input Gain 50%


  1. iM1 (IAA) *
  3. SampleTank (IAA)
  4. Magellan 2 (IAA) *
  5. Nave (IAA) *
  6. Sunrizer (AU)
    Instruments using Bank & Program CC marked “*”

Project- 120BPM @ 4/4 timing, 3 minutes 30 seconds playing time.

My project will normally play through a dozen times without a problem, but sometimes if I have to stop halfway through to alter notes or events, then I hit Play I find SampleTank for instance has gone MUTE, I have to close then re-open SampleTank and it works, but this time iM1 or it could be iwavestation or Nave has now gone MUTE, I follow same restarting procedure, now everything plays. Occasionally Nave does not respond to a particular Bank & Program Change, my only solution here is closing Cubasis, rebooting iPad, open Cubasis and press Play- everything now works ok. When instruments 1,2,3,5 and 6 randomly stop operating, if I open that particular instrument and try to play its on screen keyboard, it appears to be frozen. I have read your article concerning Multicore Rendering and Latency and I have gone through all my settings to make sure everything is has it should be.
I hope the above information is useful in trying to find a solution.
Keep Safe.


Thank you for your message.

Please note that Apple discontinued Inter-App Audio quite a while ago, which they’ve already replaced many years ago via supporting Audio Unit for iOS.

Alongside, Inter-App Audio comes with many limitations, which we’ve summarized in the following article: Limitations of Inter-App Audio

I’d strongly suggest to get in touch with the app vendors, to ask them about their plans to release Audio Unit versions of their apps.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes
& stay safe,

Cubasis3 Sample rate can be changed on iPad 8.
Hi Lars,
Thanks for getting back to me regarding my 3rd party Apps going unexpectedly silent and sometimes crashing in Cubasis3.
You mentioned that this could be a result of the locked audio sample rate of 48kHz on iPad 8 and was a iOS issue, Well, I discovered quite by accident that if I plug my iPhone earbuds with built-in mic into the iPad, I am able to change the sample rate to 44kHz, my 3rd party Apps now run much longer without muting (all exept Nave!!), but I found that using 44kHz sample rate disabled the stop button on 2 occasions, rebooting iPad was the only way to stop cubasis from sounding, if I revert back to 48kHz this problem stops! I have tried different latency values, maybe it’s something else that is causing this fault, at the moment I just don’t know.
In 2011 I made a simple guitar/line in adapter that enabled me to use my guitar with AmpliTube on my iTouch and use proper headphones at the same time, I have not used it for years, but now I have started using it again with Cubasis3 with great results. For anyone who is interested, a circuit diagram is freely available on google, it was easy and very cheap to make, (you need a steady hand to solder the four tiny jack plug connections :mag:, all it consists of is a single 2k2 resistor in parallel with a 0.05uf capacitor connected to ring 4 (mic input) and ring 3 (ground) of a four ring 3.5mm headphone jack plug, (ring 2 & 1 (tip) are L/R output), a 6mm guitar jack socket, a 3.5mm stereo headphones socket, a small length of screened 4 core audio cable and a small plastic box to house it in, my guitar recordings sound crystal clear when plugged in directly, even when using my Line 6 Pocket Pod too, no distortion. The iRig guitar/headphone jack adapter is the professional version and is available on Amazon for £7.99 (my reason for making this device…back in 2011 it was £48!).
As soon as you plug the adapter into the iPad and launch Cubasis3 you are then able to change to 44kHz and it will remain so, but only as long as the adapter is used, otherwise it will automatically reconvert back to 48k kHz…
I would still like to see a better and more accurate method of entering and adjusting MIDI CC/Program messages, I find it almost impossible to change a value to 1 or 0 - my finger tips are like fat sausages, not ideal for accuracy.
Stay Safe.

Hi @fixitmania53,

Thank you for your message and for sharing your insights with the community here.

I would still like to see a better and more accurate method of entering and adjusting MIDI CC/Program messages, I find it almost impossible to change a value to 1 or 0 - my finger tips are like fat sausages, not ideal for accuracy.

We will try our best to improve the behaviour in a future update.

Thanks again
& stay safe and sound,