No Brainer: Drag Insert Plugin into Direct Offline Process

A lot of the times, even if I plan on using DOP in advance, I’ll get my idea started as an insert and then move it to DOP… except the only way to do this is to match setting by setting, or to save a preset and then load the preset in DOP, which… is very slow and tedious and clutters your preset list very quickly.

As it stands, can’t even right click ‘copy’ insert settings on channel, and then paste it into DOP. So DOP is very closed off.

Being able to right click on an insert plugin on a channel and select a function: ‘Move Plugin To DOP for Selected Events on Channel’ and, ‘Move Plugin to DOP for all events on channel’ would be fantastic.


Dragging and dropping a plug-in from the Media tab onto a clip would be really nice as well.

Yes! or even a preset, chain , etc


And being able to drag an insert onto a clip is huge, too.

Thanks for the plus one,

Yeah this is crazy since, in DOP, plugins don’t respond in real-time - if an EQ has a frequency analyze, it doesn’t work in DOP. so working in inserts first I’m finding is almost required before going to DOP… well I can confirm, my presets list is growing to be unmanageable with all these insert-to-dop preset transfers.

Either need this drag and drop functionality, or the ability to enable real-time plugin response in DOP before processing.

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Drop channel Efx to selected Direct offline processing - Cubase - Steinberg Forums :smiley:
+1, a no brainer for sure.

+1 I was seriously about to request this very thing! Cubase seriously needs this ability. Steinberg, please add this feature immediately. Please.



Glad to see this was added! Thanks Steinberg

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Hey guys, how was this added? I still can’t figure it out…

+1 this

What about an offline section in the Channel Setting window or/and mixer, on the insert effects row?

It would be nice to have an own section in the Insert row for offline effects, then you could either apply these insert effects to selected events, or to every events in the track via dedicated buttons.
This could be either IN the insert row, or in an another expandable row in the channel setting or mixer window.
We could have an option to route the offline effects before or after the common insert routing on each individual tracks.
Then we could choose to enable plugin, use the CPU resource, make change, and set the effect offline again unloading it from the CPU.

Hitting F7 and change parameters without hearing in real time is not intuitive.
As more and more effects is very CPU heavy these days, this could be a game changer for using heavy plugins with much Antialiasing to get high quality sound.

I am thinking of Acustica Audio plugins as a good example here.