Unofficial Mouse Click Reduction, Work Efficiency, and Smart Functions Thread - Simple Suggestions. Devs plz pay attent.

Right Zone Media Browser - Allow Folders to open/expand as tree, not new page - see video

Both ways would be good. Arrow icon to expand as tree. Double click on name to open in new page.

Drag and Drop mixer channel order feature request please

Pitch bend snap to zero key modifier

POOL: ‘Move Selected to New Folder’
I often use ‘Find Selected in Pool’
Great, that works… Now I want to move these selected to a folder… click ‘New Folder’, and it deselects the selection. Now I have to go back to project window and do the same thing again.

Option to ‘Hide VST2 plugins when VST3 present’

Track list : please give us back coloring with Ctrl + wheel !

new Export window confusing and scattered, hard to look at imo, see picture

No Brainer: Drag Insert Plugin into Direct Offline Process

Audio Export Selection follows/linked to, track selection.

Make Folder Tracks Static Size

More FX sends

Folder Group Editing Multiple Tracks - Show us which tracks and events are not in sync/aligned!

Master Freeze - Freeze entire project, ability to add tracks after and continue recording

Folder Tracks - Auto Colour - workflow speedup.

Bounce-Replace - replaces file without renaming. Have a cache with file ID system for ‘edit-undo’

Track Picture search filter + editing tools - text overlay, brightness, contrast, colour overlay, POP

Pool Selection Follows Event Selection

Auto-Track Picture Selection based on audio track title