No bus channels or Operator manuel!

I had to reinstalled my Cubase Essential5! My problem is I don’t get any chanels in the mixer so I can’t record! There must be something simple that I’m missing, also the operator manuel isn’t there! Can anyone give me any suggestions? Thanks Howard

The channels need to be added first.
The operation manual is on the install disc, or can be downloaded from the Steinberg server.

I’ve uninstalled then reinstalled disc a couple of time’s the manuel doesn’t get installed, Ive up dated my asio yamaha audio driver/ the inputs and out puts are activated in the VST audio/I guess I just don’t know how to install channels :cry: here’s another thing anything I go to say like add a track it will be a light grey color to the right of it and doesn’t let me add anything it inoperative! thats on everything! one other thing in the VST connections on outputs when I add out puts i can see them being added in the mixer but the inputs when i add them nothing happens/ I’m wondering do I need to reactivate or something I’ve tried writing to support with no luck its been about 3or4 weeks now! Seems like someone would of answered me by now all I get is a letter saying your email has been received! I need help I’m ready to give up Thanks Howard

Yeah thats me I’m still trying to get it going! I don’t know if your asking for a screen shot or not but here’s one! Thanks for any good advice! Howard

Man, as I s wrote in your other thread already: You need to create a project first, before you can create a track. I wrote in your other thread how it works already, so I won´t repeat it here once more. Read the other thread, and read the Cubase manual. Don´t get me wrong, but you need to at least get to know the basic basics or you will get nowhere with a software that complex…
The manual is here

Really as TC has already said, you need to start by creating a new project!!!

Basic first thing to learn, covered in both the getting started and full manual… good luck :confused:

I can feel your frustration! I guess when I think about it, its like me trying to explain the multiplex system on transit buses to someone and wondering why they just don’t get it/ I get it because i work with it everyday! but to a outsider it must be clear as mudd! Thank you for your patience! I can a sure you that I’m creating a new project/ telling the computer what folder to put it in/using one of the existing templets and tried the empty templet/and the end result is like the screen shot i’ve posted! I have created many projects mixed them down made CD’s etc! I maybe a little green but I’m not 100% green the thing just isn’t working! (update) I went to that link you gave me I don’t know how or why but it updated my cubase now when I open cubase I get project asistant with different options really cool format and everything is working now somehow it corrected itself!! I want to thank you for trying to figure this thing out! and specially for the link! Take Care I have some recording to do! Howard :mrgreen: