No data on Loudness Meter

Am I missing something ? I did a search through the threads . .

I have no data on the Loudness meter . . .

Bump - Anybody?

Same Problem

No data displayed in loudness meter after performing Quick Analysis.

Data is displayed during normal playback and graph of loudness is replaced on loudness track.

We’ve bin having the same problem, and told Steinberg about in July:

No answers yet, let’s hope for the august update to solve it…



Same, quick analyse is not working since Nuendo 7
It was so good in Nuendo 6.5!
We use macintosh OS.9, is it same un window?

Vincent Huré
Virtuel Audio

Same on Window, Vincent.
So I export my mix and look in the statistics of my file then re-export with good changes.
It takes time…
I think I’ll go bak to Nuendo 6.5 for my next mix.
Waiting for update.
Otok’Tone Studio

Just like the bar/beat display that’s broken. It is to me ridiculous that something that worked for a good while in a previous version is now broken in a new release. As a code writer myself, this is pretty much ridiculous, and makes one curious about the entire testing process. How does that get past any form of QC.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying . . .

Seems to be system/install dependant, 'cause only few users seem to have this problem.


Quick analysis not working here either…

For quick analysis I have the same problem, on both the CR meter and loudness track (inspector).

And Fredo, at this point it’s hardly “only few users” having this problem (again with quick analysis).

So I still do not have a working Loudness meter after the latest update. Anyone else. And the Bars/Beats clock still looks like a psycedleic strobe from the 70’s…