No drag and drop audio to stereo audio track (used to work)?

For an unknown reason this function no longer works and I have to import
from the File/Import menu (which works fine). Have I switched something off by accident ?


Are you running as administrator?

I think I am yes.

That’s probably the problem then. You can do one or the other.

EDIT: I see you’re running 32bit so not sure why you would be running as admin??..Jbridge is the most common reason for doing this.

Yes, running J Bridge for 2 synths here but for reasons of memory usage. (I have a couple of memory hog synths)

Still on 32 bit as was mainly because I set the PC up 4 years ago and knew no better at the time. I have now only started to really use it properly. It works good, so it is good.

Guess I will just have to import, not a huge problem just a bit 1999 style.

Thanks for the response.

There’s another workaround but it does require disabling of UAC which may not be a good idea if this comp is online