No HiDPI resolution fix in Cubase 10.5

After installing the new version this was the first thing I checked: was HiDPI finally available in different resolutions fitting often used actual screen formats. It seems it hasn’t.

This was the by far most anticipated overdue feature, missed by me and many others since HiDPI mode is available in it’s present half-baked and utterly inflexible form. I’m massively disappointed!

What makes it even worse, is that there is hardly anything worth writing home about in the 10.5. upgrade at all. So far I have been buying and updating Cubase versions whenever they appeared, and most times liked at least some of the improvements a lot.

This time I stare at the “what’s new” list in pure disbelief. I mean, things like colours for the mixing page or some minor new effects like a new tap delay (as if we hadn’t PLENTY of these from third party already) may be regarded as “slightly nice” at best - for any minor update. But for a major .5 upgrade I have yet to find something worth calling a remarkable step forward.

Some last notes:

There will be a final Cubase 10 maintenance update as well. The release date is not set yet.

If you are still Windows 7, please be aware that Cubase 10.5 only supports Windows 10 (versions 1809 and 1903) as communicated in summer.

Improving the situation on HiDPI screens on Windows has a high priority at Steinberg. Unfortunately there are no perceivable improvements for the users in 10.5 yet.
seems they are trying to find the solution for it

“Improving the situation on HiDPI screens on Windows has a high priority at Steinberg. Unfortunately there are no perceivable improvements for the users in 10.5 yet.”

Cubase 10 was released in November 15th 2018. Now after 12 Months without resolving it is what you call “giving it High Priority”, then I am afraid you have a serious problem. :frowning:

It’s because Cubase kept ignoring the Windows issues for years and their solution which came around C6 or C7 to have a windowed Cubase sitting underneath was a total half hearted approach as fixing the GUI/Window issue would have probably required a hefty coding update.
Now it seems that issue is slapping them in the face and they can no longer run around it and use updates that seems to make it worse as it gets longer in the tooth. (Anyone w/coding knowledge chime in here!)

It is a .5 update but is still a paid update so any issues that people may have do hold water.
We currently have 4k environments in the Studios but Window gui issues/sloppy HiDpi.
Handicapped mutithreading with 128 thread processors on the way.
Some are still with MIDI timing issues from 10+ years ago.
Non Gapless audio etc…
and that’s just a few things users have been constantly asking for.

C11 Has to be a total Update. It’s now a total 64bit Evironment, No more excuses.
The amount of updates that Cubase needs from becoming an afterthought for modern DAW’s is becoming quite lengthy.
IOW, The grass is greener cause We’re now standing in dirt.

I still love my Cubase but it’s in need of some serious updating.

You see, I don’t think I’d mind too much if they’d just manage our expectations better. I mean, mine are pretty low already with Steinberg, but if they’d just communicated and told us “sorry guys, it won’t be available initially in .5” then although I’d have been annoyed, I don’t think I’d have been this disappointed.

So, we’re told it’s a high-priority, but when is it slated? Version 11? I’m not updating until it’s done I’m afraid.

The thing is they should never have promoted it so heavily as being full HiDPI as part of the wonderful new features in Cubase 10. It’s like buying a car with gorgeous tinted windows only to find out they’re like a pair of vari focal lenses built into the windscreen, it just don’t work, never has and won’t for the frisée able future.

The only bonus of these displays on Windiws is that S1 looks stunning, is super stable and out races cubase in speed and resources. I wonder how many people rushed out to purchase a super wide screen only to see all of the horrible transport bar across the bottom when you can’t read the text on anything else!

As much as I am disappointed about missing HiDPI resolution flexibility, I meanwhile had some hours with Cubase 10.5, and my perception of how important the update is has changed a lot during this time.

  • the workflow/UI enhancements are incredibly useful
  • the new delay is MUCH more refined and powerful than I thought at first sight
  • the updated “import from project” is a big step to better workflow as well
    etc. etc., and all seems to be very smooth and stable so far.

So my perspective has changed from pure disappointment to enjoying the update.
I still need a favor THOUGH - fix that HiDPI scaling fast!
And no, I have not delayed my payment based on that :slight_smile:

I’m also very much disappointed there is no better Hidpi support in Cubase 10.5. Better Hidpi support for me would have been the reason to upgrade, which I won’t now. Could you include this in Cubase soon Steinberg?

Interesting detail: the GeForce Experience overlay triggers when you launch Cubase 10.5, which it never did for me with earlier versions of Cubase or Nuendo. I can only assume it tries to detect games based on which applications use the GPU.

Could be nothing, but could also indicate that there are behind the scenes rendering changes in 10.5 that aren’t yet obvious to the user. Maybe something DPI related could be coming in a minor update?

Not sure where to post this, but this article points to a smoking gun of issues with Cubase HiDPI, Windows Scaling and OpenGL. And it sure sounds like one of the guys in the thread is a Steinberg Dev (at least I hope so).

It’s funny (not really) but I just came across that yesterday when trying to figure out why tf my VST gui’s have been looking totally bonked tf up!

I said this before but Steinaha never addressed this when they should have years ago and instead kept piling on fixes that will eventually lead to a totally unusable GUI experience.
The decision to use a windowed overlay IMO seems to be getting worse as the evolution of graphics is now showing the limitations of their decision.

The GUI and implementation has to be rebuilt from the ground up. If they don’t address these issues soon, many professionals who work in 4k/8k environments will have to look elsewhere.

Use nvidia panel to adjust scale of cubase manually. Best solution for now

It is, but not everybody has an nVidia GPU. I have and use it, but there are still problems, such as the previously mentioned VST scaling.

I use 2 monitors, a 4K as my main and a full HD as a secondary. If a plugin opens on the HD display, it always opens with half the GUI missing. I have to drag it back to the 4K display and close it, then reopen it on the 4K then drag it back to the HD where it displays correctly. As we say here in the UK, it’s a right faff.

Just looking at your sig…have you really got 8 x 12Tb SSDs??? Wow!

:laughing: Haaa… Not really, I have 12tb of Samsung SSDs in total, I guess it kinda does look like 8x12TB :stuck_out_tongue: … lol.

12tb. Still not bad!

Please see the pinned post regarding Steinberg’s HiDPI survey. Please complete :slight_smile:

I took the survey, I’m not an HiDPI display* but it almost seems like Steinberg is trying to quantify not fixing this right now. Call me cynical, but it felt a bit like someone’s looking to make the case, “see? Only 18%** of our users are running 4k displays on Windows, it’s not worth the effort right now!” And in case it’s not clear: that’s pure speculation on my part.

I’d honestly have no issue if Steinberg just said “we’re not ready for HiDPI yet and will eventually get to it” if they hadn’t touted it as a selling point for version 10. The folks in marketing department shouldn’t have included that if it wasn’t completely ready. People feel like they bought Cubase 10 based at least in part on HiDPI working, and then only discovered after the fact that it only worked as expected at 100% or 200% on Windows and nothing else. Not cool.

*Frankly, I think you’re insane if you’re on Windows and running a 4k monitor knowing all the issues with plugins, DAWs, and other applications. HiDPI does not seem anywhere near ready for primetime on Windows yet.

**Made up number to make an example.

I dunno, you may be right, but trying to be optimistic I see it as getting an idea of the different permutations of screen sizes, resolutions and scaling in order to ensure better compatibility. It is, however, a little disheartening to see this research happening so late in the day. It seems that better support is still a long way away.

I genuinely only have issues with Cubase with my 4K display on Windows 10, and I use my PC for many different things.

I have to disagree!

Ableton Live works just fine in HiDPI mode with an option to toggle HiPDI mode or 2 x scaling on each individual plugin! I’m honestly sorry for sounding rant-y, but this “bait and switch” kind of behavior from Steinberg is getting old by now! VCA faders are still utterly broken and HiDPI + ARA (which for me were the selling point for upgrading to v10) are still half-baked at best; certainly not usable for production-work where reliability is paramount! I found a handful of showstopping bugs in ARA within two minutes of trying to use it, and so would any beta-tester worth their salt, so i’m have a very hard time finding an explanation for this …