No input audio in Nuendo Live 2 in MacOS Big Sur (neither Built-in Audio or Dante DVS)

Downloaded and installed Nuendo Live 2 on an iMac running Big Sur. Input audio does not appear in the meters or tracks (if I try recording). The screen shot below shows input level on the Mac Preferences Sound window. The Nuendo Settings pane shows the configuration. The Nuendo project window is armed for record and there is nothing on the meters.

I’ve tried bringing in audio through Dante DVS with no joy. I made a forum post on that, but appears I should have originally tagged it as “issue”. This post is so tagged. Here’s the other post showing the Dante configuration: Nuendo Live 2 on Big Sur with Dante DVS - no audio

The only thing that stands out in that thread is a certificate issue, but I doubt that would cause the input problem.

So in summary, Nuendo Live 2 is not accepting input from either Built-in or DVS.

I’ve used Nuendo LIve 1 on PCs for years and once tested it on an old iMAC running some older OS and it worked fine.

Solved by check-marking the setting System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone > Nuendo Live 2 and NL2 gets input audio for both the Built-in mic and DVS.

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