No input audio

I am using Nuendo live 2, Yamaha QL5, DVS running on a Mac Studio.
I do not get any audio in to Nuendo live, DVS is set correctly. I’ve tried garage band and that is receiving audio correctly from DVS.

I am stuck as to why this is not working. any suggestions

Can you please post a screenshot of your audio settings? (It will be displayed when you press F2.)

Have you opened and routed your Dante Virtual Soundcard and your Yamaha mixer via the Dante Controller software?

That is where your hardware gets routed to your DVS (Dante Virtual soundcard), and once set it stays that way until you change it.

Free download, in case you need to install it, on Audinate’s website.

Once you have all your IO set up in Dante Controller, you need to open the “Studio Connections” inside Nuendo, and create all the ins and outs you require, in each tab.

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Since he or she writes that it works with GarageBand, I assume that it is the routing within Nuendo. But only the questioner can help us now. Maybe it works in the meantime. :wink:

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I started another thread on what seems to be the same issue with no audio in Nuendo Live 2 on an iMac running Big Sur and Dante DVS.

One thing “new” in noeqplease response is ‘“Studio Connections” inside Nuendo’. I can’t find such a panel, sounds like something from Cubase?

This setting does not exist in Nuendo Live either. The statement refers to the “normal” Nuendo. There you can find these settings under Studio > Audio Connections.
In Live, however, this is configured automatically by the software.