No key command for Freeze Tracks??

Unless I’m missing something, there is no way to assign a key command to the Freeze Track function? There’s a button on the physical CMC controller, but no way to assign it in the Key Commands window.

I have long asked for a “freeze all selected tracks” feature but in it’s absence I have been able to use Keyboard Maestro to make a fairly effective macro to do just that. However I am forced to use mouse clicks in the inspector because as far as I can tell there’s no way to assign a key command to Freeze Track. Mouse clicking is much less efficient and slows the macro down from what it could be with a direct key access to the function.

If we’re not going to get a “Freeze all selected tracks” function, is there any way we could get the already existing “freeze track” function added to the available functions in Key Commands?



Instead od “Freeze all selected tracks”, you could use Render In Place since Cubase 8. :wink:

Yes, I think Steiny was hoping that would take care of things and it’s great, but not the same.
Render in Place is great for what it does, and is much better that Freezing in some situations. But RIP can’t match Freezing in several different areas.

One of which is transporting tracks from Studio 1 to Studio 2, working on them and then bringing them back and being able to unfreeze and make adjustments. If you do that with RIP, you have to transfer any automation, plugins etc used at Studio 2 back to the original track if you want to edit the source material back at Studio 1. Multiply that by 20-30 VSTi tracks and it’s an impossibly time-consuming task.


You also need those plug-ins, once you unfreeze the track, if you want to edit it.

Yes that’s the whole point. Studio 1 has the VSTi plugins. Studio 2 is a tracking/mixing studio for Orchestra/Soloists.
The whole idea is to
-freeze the tracks at Studio 1
-take the session to Studio 2 where the recording/mixing is done,
-bring the session back to Studio 1 with all the automation, etc. from Studio 2 intact
-make final tweaks with the ability to modify VSTi performances by unfreezing tracks if necessary

As you can see, Render In Place would be nightmare to come back to Studio 2 with. But it works quite well with Frozen VSTi Tracks.

Just need the “freeze tracks” function to be able to have a key command assigned and I can make a fairly efficient macro to “freeze all selected tracks”

Yes no key command :frowning:
The cmc-ch freeze button sends a

OK, I got your workflow. It makes sense.

interesting peakae.

Is there a way to have the logical editor or a macro send this command so that one of those could be bound to a key?

I’ve been trying to make this work somehow, but Cubase only applies that MIDI command to the freeze function if it comes via the CMC-CH controller itself.

Please Steiny!
Make it so we can access “Freeze” via a key command and not just a graphical button on the track. It would at least allow us to make a macro via Keyboard Maestro that would in effect allow a “Freeze all Selected Tracks” feature since this feature doesn’t seem to be on the checklist.

Allowing the “Freeze” function to be assigned in the Key Commands window would be an easy fix. :slight_smile:

Pinging this. After two years it seems like that’s still the case. Argh =(

I am also trying to find the “freeze” key command. Wondering if this ever got addressed? I can’t find a key command to freeze - perhaps I’m missing the obvious? Since Render In Place has key commands for both its setup page and the function itself, why not Freeze?

No there is still no freeze key command, afaik.
I have not used freeze pretty much since Render In Place was introduced.
But I don’t use vsti that heavily, so that works for my workflow.
Maybe time for a new old feature request.


also A +1 From me please Steinberg. I use a lot of vst’s and freezing them is a great option but workflow is hindered a little by the lack of a key press at my fingertips.




+1 in May 2020. Can’t be that hard to add…?

+1000. Are you really listening Steinberg ??


This is not a luxury request.

+1! Super useful and time-saving solution. Just spent an hour going through an orchestral arrangement freezing VSTs one by one. LOL!