No Keyswitches after relative channel switch?

Hey guys,
maybe i don’t get it, but it is possible that the keyswitches don’t work after changing the channel via relative channel switch?
My setup:
VSL Synchron-ized
1 slot Trumpet
next slot Trumpet muted

I added to the original VSL Expression Map a “muted” entry, containing a relative channel switch of “1”. off events “0”. Everything works fine. Only that after changing to muted, no articulations are recognised/no keyswitches executed. It plays all notes with the last selected articulation (for ex. staccato). Returing to “open”, all articulations again work fine.

Can someone tell my what i’m doing wrong?


It sounds like you need to either define combinations of the different techniques that you want to be used along with mute (e.g. mute+staccato, mute+accent, etc.), or if you want Dorico to instead switch to an unmuted staccato sound, make sure that you define a mutual exclusion group in your expression map that has both mute and staccato in it.

Hi Daniel,
i see, thanks for the explanation. I’ll create the combinations.

… or use an ADD-ON switch (rather than BASE) to switch channel…