Relative channels

I’m doing something similar to this thread: No Keyswitches after relative channel switch?

Dimension strings, with open/muted/sul tasto/sul pont on four channels. Am I right in understanding that every switch needs to specify the appropriate relative channel (not all techniques are reproduced across the four)?

Also, does it make a difference where the switch is placed in relation to the channel commands?

Maybe not every switch but…

If I use an expression map to change to channel 2, any key-switches from that point forward are only going to the sample/instrument which is (are) listening to channel 2. Any new key-switch would have no effect on the instrument/samples on channels 1, 3, and 4 for example.

So… it does matter when you send the key switches versus a channel change. Maybe not a concern for every patch. But say you are going from sul tasto to a general purpose sustain patch that has a key switch of its own for normal, legato, n.v, etc. - then doing both the channel change and key switch and doing them in the right order makes sense.

Yes. Thanks. Some experimentation required to fine-tune it all.