No More Transparent Events?

In C5 and I believe prior versions, there was an option to make events transparent. This is a feature I use EXTENSIVELY for choosing drum parts (being able to see the accuracy of the hits against the grid). That feature has been completely removed.

Man, I gotta say… C6 is the most disruptive version change since the VST-to-SX change. Several things that are staples of my workflow have been changed, or in this case, removed entirely. The new features are nice, but the extra whimsical changes are hurting me, some in big ways. Steinberg, if you offer a feature in one version, DON’T BAG IT ENTIRELY IN THE NEXT REVISION. People learn to rely on certain features, and you hose them when you take them away.

If Steinberg can cite a valid reason why they removed this feature, I could find a way to accept it.

Rather difficult when you are in the process of re-writing features from scratch.

So this a scratch build of Cubase? Cite our source. That seems like a silly argument. Cubase users expect Cubase to be Cubase when they sit down with a new version.

If they implemented the feature once, they can implement it again the same way.

Why would steinberg do the same thing expecting a different result?

In any case we should think ourselves lucky we can try new features before purchasing.

Mysteryshopper, I really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not looking for a different result. I’m looking for the same result. I’m looking for the same simple feature I relied on very frequently in prior versions. That feature is gone, and for no reason that I can see.

I’m sorry but you’ll need to an earlier version if you want transparencies to work properly, or if you want audio to be edited in sync.

Think of each successive new version as a test, only when you get into the whole numbers will that stability you are wanting come into fruition but until then assume that the current version is the last one released, hence steinberg updating v5 while v6 was on the market.

God bless.

I should shut up and hope things change to my satisfaction, without citing my issues. That makes sense.

Also, it’s not that the feature doesn’t work properly. IT’S NOT THERE AT ALL NOW. They have removed it entirely. It’s not like it’s buggy now in C6. It’s GONE.

ALSO, no prior version of Cubase allows group editing in this way. So what prior version do you suggest that I use, precisely?

For all we know an update is likely just around the corner and there will be smiles all round and we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

I don’t doubt for a second that what is being discussed in the OP’s other thread will be fixed, nor this problem that has been discussed endlessly in the lounge. In fact it would not be Steinberg style to not address this within the product cycle, but of course we hope for sooner rather than later.

One thing I will say though, it takes people like the OP to actually bring these issues to the surface and it is a job well done.


P.S. About your question of which version, that’s the catch 22.