Please return: transparent events + wave image style menu

Reading through the manual, it seems, that two very important features have been forgotten :

  • Transparent events
    mandatory for manually aligning waveforms to the grid

  • the ‘wave image style’ drop down menu
    mandatory for feeling at home !!
    I’ ve set it to ‘solid and framed’ since countless years !
    It just looks so much better than the ugly grayish standard waveform display !

I’ve read, that some graphical options didn’t make it to the current manual.
I really pray, these are among them !

A missing transparent waveform option ( with no adequate alternative )
would definitely be a showstopper, here !
( Which would be a real pain, as there are many welcome and needed improvements in V6 )

bye, Jan

Yes., this appears to be missing.

See page 57 of Cubase 5 manual, then page 57 of the Cubase 6 manual.

Would be very disappointing. I love this feature and use it all the time.

I hope very much this is simply missing info, like DaDa was saying.


From the faq in this forum… (things not in the docs)

Cubase 6 | Cubase Artist 6
File > Preferences > Event Display > Audio: There are three new preferences which affect the project view event appearance.

Waveform Brightness: Controls the relative brightness of the waveform. The starting point is the actual event color. It is possible to adjust the color smoothly from black, through the event color, to white.
Waveform Outline Intensity: Controls the intensity of the outline of the waveform. The range is from the waveform color set with the Waveform Brightness through to black.
Fade Handle Brightness: Controls the brightness of the Fade Handles. The starting point is the actual event color. It is possible to adjust the color smoothly from black, through the event color, to white.

…I’m guessing that’s “solid & framed” covered …??
Looks like transparent events has gone, though.
…Background colour modulation is still available.

Thanks for that Tony, I really got used to seeing the grid behind the event. sigh…

Thanks Tony.
Yep, I’ve read that … and now after the 3rd attempt, I think I understand how it works.
Not exactly like ‘solid and framed’, but may look pretty good as well.

Transparent event background is mandatory, though.
I’d say 70% of my editing work is aligning audio to the grid and to other tracks.

We now get auto tempo mapping ( which is really great ) but obviously can’t fine tune audio later on …

I pray that this is just an oversight in the manual !

Yeah ! :sunglasses:

Has anyone ever used that ???

I don’t have a good feeling about this.

Yeah background color modulation. Looks neat though. When I start playing that I know it’s time to take a break…

Please tell me this is NOT the case of this being removed and it is just a mistake on the part of the editing of the manual. I have no idea why this would be taken out as it harmed nothing at all. Seeing the grid lines behind the events is extremely necessary for lining things up perfectly when moving/nudging. Can anyone confirm whether this is still present and hopefully we are all whining for nothing?

Can anyone confirm whether this is still present and hopefully we are all whining for nothing?

We won’t get an answer before Monday, I guess …

I have no idea why this would be taken out as it harmed nothing at all.

Well, I can only speculate, that they thought, turning events transparent while moving is enough.
Which it is not …

bye, Jan

I have been working with transparent events for years and it’s very important for the way that I work.

If it IS true that C6 does not have this option, that definitely lessens my incentive to upgrade (that plus the lack of a printed manual).

I wonder how the designers determine if a feature is no longer needed? I know they didn’t ask me (hee hee).

:frowning: Very disapointing …

Yep, that’s a very common question.
My guess : their main contact to the userbase are their beta testers and VIUs.
Obviously these are often not representing the ‘masses’.

But besides a public beta
( which would need too many resources and would cause too much noise ),
I can only think of user surveys …

At least, they tried to get closer to the userbase,
with the ‘Nuendo Inside’ questioning at the old
Though very restricted, that was a step in the right direction IMO.

bye, Jan

Cubase 6 | Cubase Artist 6
File > Preferences > Events Display: The preference “Show Overlaps” controls the visibility of event overlaps. You can select to show overlaps always, never or when hovering with the mouse over the respective event area in the Project window.

I found this in the FAQ with “The following features have not yet been documented in the Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 operation manual”
hope it is how I want it… but not sure…

hey, didn’t i see a definitive reply a half hour ago from a non-admin member? Said, Transparent events are gone for now. Didn’t I see that or am I dreaming?

I saw it too… but disappeared the time I was answering by " :frowning: very disapointing"

That’s funny and weird.

Yep, this happens occasionally.
When V5 was released, a coder posted that it was partly his fault, that multitrack quantizing didn’t make it into V5.
That post was gone very quickly ( in fact so quick, that I never saw it … so I may not be completely accurate, here )

At least this deletion may give us a bit of hope !

bye, Jan

Another thumbs up for returning transparent events. If you are slip editing, then you don’t get to see the greyed out ghost waveform when you are moving it.

Steinberg said they talked to drummers and drum editors when they designed this new fandangled editing workflow, so hopefully someone had used transparent events before and spoke up that you can’t take that out.

I guess, I don’t understand why you remove things from a program that you gotta think that your users probably have used or been using for years! They once spent money having a programmer put in those things, then they just throw them out.

Why not always just build on what you have, and just add to it. If something has to change to make the new thing happen, then figure it out.

It’s like getting use to using a shovel, then they give you a pitch fork, which is great for some things, but what are you suppose to do when you have to pick up some dirt now? I guess you go back to AVID and buy their shovel.

And I thought …
Pretty short statement.

If it only would be that easy …

Thing is … there are many ways to edit audio.
If I want to align the timing of 6 horn ( brass / woodwinds ) tracks,
there’s no way around transparent events !
Whatever there is to make the grid visible while moving an event will not help here !

bye, Jan