No not that! Cubase is minefield

I have a little frustration with Cubase on an increasing basis.
The whole screen has become somewhat a minefield.
Every time I want to select a new location in the song I turn on repeat. Every time!
On many many occasions selecting a track I accidentally select “Create new version” or just end up with the option to change the name of the track.
When i’m trying to change the track colour i’m fighting the show/hide automation and folder opening.

Don’t even get me started on how turning off a plugin actually only just bypasses it in the mixer or insert view, thats a separate issue.

I think there does need to be some restraint when adding new shortcuts and features in future versions of this product. Some things just don’t make sense.

If anyone has any advice how to turn any of that stuff off I would appreciate it.

I agree re: accidentally turning on and off loop when using the mouse to reposition the playhead or click and scroll to widen screen.
Who clicks that area to turn on and off loop anyways…just use a key command. We don’t need that extra thin area at the top for that in my opinion.

+1 happens here too all of the time

OH MAN… I hit the stupid “Create New Version” ALLL the time! Drives me nuts!

This is one of the biggest mistakes they’ve made with their GUI. I’ve only been using Cubase since 8.5 but my studio mate has older versions, and it is SO much better not having that. The amount of times I click in that area accidentally is absurd – there is no logical/rational reason to have this feature.

You guys could lower your mouse sensitivity a bit so you don’t misclick everywhere… Just a thought.

Hold down alt whilst pressing the bypass button and it turns the plug off.

What will really bake your noodle is why plugin windows open faster if you hold cmd. :laughing: :laughing:


this one happens to me all the time. I have to enlarge vertical zoom before selecting a track w mouseclick, otherwise I get too frustrated.

Two things to try:-

  1. Widen the whole Track Header area (by sliding the divider line between Track Header and Arrangement window). This gives you a little more room at the end to ‘aim at’ (past the end of the actual Track Name - and that annoying little drop-down arrow - and before the Channel meters).
  2. Adjust the number of characters allowed for your Track names, in Track Control Settings (global); this achieves similar to above. Play around with the numbers - see what you can get away with, feel happy about.

I’ve gone for 2 above, since I don’t like giant looking Track Headers and I don’t like doing a vertical zoom before I have enough Track Header area to click on, just to select it. Not a total solution, but it helps. :wink:

What will really bake your noodle is why plugin windows open faster if you hold cmd. :laughing: :laughing:[/quote]

OK I just tried this and it works!!! What the heck?
How can we have all plugins open this fast without having to holding down the cmd button?

What the…?? This is totally true – i just tried it. Ummm…plugins should always open this fast, Steinberg!! Really, really bizarre.

steinberg really needs to pay attention to those workflow issues,and needs a team to really focus on better easier faster(less clickable) workflow approach in many areas(lots of posts all over the forum)
i wish they add some improved workflow functionality in cubase 9 updates and not only on Major upgrades

What totally does my head in is that if you click a tab in the inspector, it would close other tabs. I’ve pinned everything there is, but it simply does not apply to instrument tracks, where it keeps collapsing all of it, every single time. I wouldn’t know why it’d do this by default, the pinning logic should be reversed. meh.

This! On large resolution monitors we should be able to keep the tabs open. No use for control+click, just give us an option like you have on the mix console inserts



And I’m SO tired of that Loop thing in the Ruler. MAKE IT A PREF!!!

AND the silly pop ups at the top and sides of the window.

I’m going to stop now, this is making me stressed.


It honestly sometimes feels like they fired the whole development team and hired home decoration professionals to fill up the wallpaper (workspace) with whatever items they can possibly think off. :slight_smile: I mean if you really test the product for efficient workflow before you release it you’re bound to find out that some ‘enhancements’ simply decrease the workflow. You can only squeeze so much functionality into a simple ruler bar. At a certain point it becomes clogged and unworkable because you unintentionally activate functions you don’t want. The choices you have then is to remove certain items or make it preferences like what was successfully done with the record punch in/out rulers on the transport panel. But leaving it all active is just too much!

That is already fixed in 9

uncheck it in your preference. then unstress.

I made a feature request inspired by this.