No One Understands Presets in Cubase. Prove Me Wrong

Title says it all. :slight_smile:

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The man or woman who put all those types of presets in each version of the program does.



Any specific trouble with a specific type of preset?

Why yes, kind Sir. See this thread…

No one understands Cubase. Prove me wrong
FTFY. :wink:

I see. That’s very specific indeed. You’ll have to wait for someone that owns the plug-in to chime in. I don’t have it unfortunately.

Well, it is actually somewhat general, as the same can be said about any VSTi, and I suppose VST plugins in general.

Well, yes. But I don’t have preset problems with my instruments at the moment. The only thing I can offer is guesses. Other users of the specific plug-in would know exactly where to look.

  • Is the plug-in VST3? If it isn’t, maybe you shouldn’t put the files in VST3 preset folder?
  • Why don’t you try to create the non-existent path that their document suggests, and see if it makes a difference?
  • Mediabay will always detect content when you browse to a folder. The plug-in on the other hand… I don’t know, maybe it really needs the files in a specific location?

I would start from these. If all failed, I would completely uninstall the plug-in, manually clean up any leftovers and install again.


Quod erat demonstrandum

Or am I missing something?

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No, that’s it. But some kilometers to the east.


Well that’s part of my point. As best I can tell Cubase has a specific place where it expects to find these presets… a location that Steinberg defines. Correct?

Is there a different location for vst vs vst3 presets? Are you on Windows? If so, can you say your preset paths?


You can try this to check the preset file locations:

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C:\Users\Me\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies

That is indeed where I put them, but they do not show from the instrument wrapper preset list.

But are they supposed to show at all?

In my case, it’s only Steinberg’s instruments that display the loaded preset in the plug-in’s window header. The other instruments I use never display the presets I’m using. The only way to have those presets show in the header is if I manually save the presets one by one, which then go to the path @SF_Green gave above. I just can’t justify doing this manually for my instruments. I just handle presets from the instrument’s interface, and not from Cubase’s plug-in header.

Yes, of course presets can be dealt with via the plugin itself. But for those times when there are some presets that are intended to come up via Cubase, that’s where the issues lie with usability.

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I Grew Up with Steinberg Cubase , Atari B/W moniter days , they were so much better , the learning curve is too steep when it could be simplified… the GUI is like olx versus quiker sorry just my opinion … Steinberg need a rework ground up again , they done it before if u recollect … come on its not rocket science?? n me being an IT hardware engg , not to brag …

I proved wrong on the original topic

Thanks Louis. I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

I am about to create a topic about missing of all Cubase presets in all factory plugins. I found this post on google. And I agree, Cubase presets are a mess.