No presets for new plugins in cubase 13

I installed Cubase 13 now, but I noticed that there are no factory presets for the new plugins


Did you install all content from the Cubase Pro 13 folder in the Steinberg Download Assistant, please?

Yes, I did the entire installation with The Steinberg Download Assistant, updating Cubase 12 Pro.
I tried both Mac and PC and it’s the same thing.


Which plug-ins exactly are you talking about, please?

the audio plugin : VocalChain, Eq P1A and M5, Black Valve,VoxComp, Vocoder

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I see the presets here on my system.

I have them too. So it must be something with your system.

I tried to update MediaBay again but nothing changes. Where are VST3 factory presets saved on Mac?

I have a similar issue after upgrading from Pro 12 to Pro 13. Most of my effects plugins do not have factory presets now. The new effects as well do not have any factory presets. The old user presets still seem to be there. Everything else seems to be OK. If i open Pro 12, all the factory presets for effects are there - they just don’t show up in Pro 13. I have uninstalled Pro 13 and reinstalled it but this did not change anything. I should add that this is in Windows 10.

And factory chordpad presets are missing in 13.

Same issue here - just upgraded to 13 from 12, no factory presets on any factory plugin that I select. (Win 11)

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Same problem here after upgrading from C12 to C13 (Win 10). New plugins have empty preset list.

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See the Chord Pads thread, most likely the C12 factory VST Sounds are falsely registered as common content. Shutdown all Steinberg processes (Cubase + wait 60 sec for the MediaBay Server to shut down) then remove the links.

See also: Cubase 13 - Chord Pad Presets missing!? - #15 by Joerg

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Just joining in here. It seems like I have presets for everything but the new plugins.

Weirdly, I did have presets the first day… but they’re empty now.

By the way… when I load one WITH presets, the preset name shows as ‘default’, and I can click to choose from the other presets. For the new plugins, I don’t see that ‘default’ preset name.

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I’ve deleted all the links FCP_SMT_00x_Cubase.vstsound and it works, to see the factory presets of the new plugins! On Mac, where can I find the same aliases?

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Interesting… I don’t have that file in that folder. I do see the Loopmash stuff, etc.

Ok after restarting, the presets are there again.

Thank you, this fixed 99% of the issue.
In c:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VSTSound I deleted FCP_SMT_001_Cubase.vstsound (and 002, 004, 005). I didn’t have a 003.
Now I can see the missing factory presets in Pro13 effects and chordpads. Also almost all the factory presets for the existing effects that showed up in 12 but not 13 are now there in 13. Squasher is an example of one of the old effects that still has no factory presets when in 13 (but does in 12).

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Do NOT follow my solution. Joerg (from Steinberg) has corrected me. The issue is right the solution via using the Library Tool I choose is wrong as there appears no safeguard in the Library tool to not overwrite or move files which shouldn’t be moved. Something Joerg is passing to the appropriate development team in Steinberg.

… My Original Post …

I think what you need to do is use the Steinberg Library App to do the job for you.
I had the same problem on a Mac.
Went to the Cubase 13 Steinberg\Content\Vstsound location and clicked on the first vstsound file which open the Steinberg Library app and prompted me to register the new sound files it clearly hadn’t found at install. I selected the Install to default option as register location. This register all the vstsound files in the folder and resolved the missing presets. I checked Squasher based on your comments and my presets are visible. So I suspect the manual deletion step you tried has removed squasher presets (and possibly some others). Id go back to Cubase 12 and register the vstsound files again using the library manger app and see if that resolves your issue.
Im still examining this because as far as I can see at the moment you can’t use the new plugins in the older Cubase 12. No idea if Steinberg have designed it that way or whether it’s just an install issue. You can see them in Mediabay in Cubase 12 but can’t use them.

Hope this helps

Please, NO! That will link the libs from private to common, if done for C12 you see the C12 content in C13, if done for C13, you’ll see the C13 content in C12 … make sure to remove those links from common. Do not use the LibraryManager for VST Sounds in Program folders. I’ll post the “common” locations for Win and Mac later.

OK it solves my missing plugin problem but clearly not the right way.
So need some fix pointers on how to clean up my mess so things are properly linked. However I cannot see the plugins in C12 only in the Mediabay so it only made the missing Cubase 13 properly registered in the Steinberg Library app as far as I can see. What I don’t under stand are the differences in the Library app for the registration options. ie Install to default or Register in Place.

All help appreciated.