No presets for new plugins in cubase 13

I can not find folder… (Win)

Martin forgot the first backslash.

%appdata% \Steinberg\
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I deleted those three files. (Cubase 11, 12 ,13) Still no go…
I have the same message (look previous picture)

Thank you, it solved my problem

Still no solution for missing presets in new Steinberg Cubase 13 plugin presets?
I have tried various suggested tricks but it would seem impossible to make presets work. I got Halion and other old presets working but not new ones.


I have installed Cubase Pro 13 in my Desktop PC (Windows 11, i9 10900k, 2TB ssd, 64 GB DDR4) also in my laptop (Windows 11, i7 13650 HX, 2TB SSD, 32 GB DDR5).
In my laptop there is no issues, but in my desktop no preset found in any new plugins like Black valve, VoxComp etc which are introduced in Cubase 13 Pro.

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Hi I installed Cubase 13 as a trail version and first needed to upgrade my system to Monterey (ventura gave a lot isseus :smiling_face_with_tear:). I have this missing isseu on my MacMini (Intel). So now 11 is not working right and keeps giving warning of missing libraries when starting cubase 11… I have read this post but still no easy solution, or is there already one @Joerg. All my instruments are also not in the library. I try re- installing Groove Agent and its complete library with the Cubase Download assistent it now. It was visible. All librarys of my vst instruments in version 11 I had move to an extern ssd disk (with the option in the library) but it also seems if I do not buy Cubase 13 after this trail version I’m stuck with an incomplete not right function cubase 11!? I have sent a message to support yesterday. Please can you come up with a solution!

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I have deleted all the listed files. Now i can see the missing new presets for the new plugs. Unfortuanally all Track-presets, Strip-presets, Effektketten-presets
are missing. Only my User Trackpresets are visible. I am absolutly dissapointed. No help information from Steinberg.
This problem with missing presets are well known since November. It apppears on all machines they are updated from Cubase 12. Until now no patch or workaraound.

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Still missing default presets for example Black Valve.

Updated today to Cubase 13.0.40 and installed everything again. Presets still missing. Where is folder in Mac they should be and in what database they should be?

I installed Cubase to another machine, and saved default presets to user presets and copy them to my main machine. So its kind of fixed now.
Black Valve

Of course, you can live without presets, but it’s always easier with them.