No puedo grabar en cubase 12

Hello everyone, I recently updated the cubase 7 software to cubase 12, I had no major problems with the installation but when recording an instrument no signal enters through any channel previously assigned in the program’s audio connections. As an audio interface I use a presonus studiolive 16.4.2 AI console, the signal enters the console but does not go out to the channel assigned in the program

Hello Carlos, and welcome to the forum.

I recently posted a description of how to set up the audio. I don’t know if this will help, but you might want to work through that process with consideration to your AI.

Also, the Presonus drivers often have a mixer mode in which the device works as a mixer rather than an audio interface, you may need to check to make sure you do not have this setting as well.

Hope that helps.

Yeah thanks for your help. I haven’t worked through the process yet because I’ve had some work to do and I’m just using the speakers on my notebook at low volume currently. Like I said the only thing it doesn’t do is switch to the headset when I plug them in. Everything works fine otherwise. So it’s not stopping me from working it’s just more prevented me from working during quiet time or when I take long flights that I can work on