NO rant , just facts Cubase 13 Audio engine Spikes compared to Cubase 12

Same here updated to 13 and can’t work at all looking into buying studio one to finish a project.
Super annoying.

Its not like you can’t keep on working in C12 and someone forces you to use C13, but okay. Yeah go buy an entirely other DAW.


My preferred DAW has been cubase. I mixed an album in another studio with the studio one DAW, which I must say it handles plugs + hardware very well.

Here, I am looking for answers on how to make Cubase work so I can get paid. not so cool since the client sent me a cubase project to mix and a cubase 13 project wont open in 12.
it opens and then crashes.

Did you open an issue thread anywhere, with a detailed description of your problem? Cause I cannot find any in this forum.

Did you try open it without 3rd party plugins?
Did you try updating all your current plugins?
Any crashdump files you can provide us?
What happens when you open it in C13? Why is C13 not working for you?

Please open a separate thread with detailed information so people can try to help you. There are lots of helpful users here and most issues can be solved, unless it is a specific known issue.

Hi. Can I ask - what ASIO-Guard Level are you using? On my Cubase 13.0.20 Demo all is fine until I select the High ASIO-Guard level AND disable all Record Enabled tracks. Then the Cubase meters go through the roof. Not the case in Cubase 10.0.60.

I want to like some of the Acustica stuff, but I’ve never seen plugins glitch like that with basic setting changes.

Thank you! for your info on AudioGridder just finish a mixing session and sent off the master Thanks to AudioGridder.
I had nothing to loose i could not even load one instance of the izotpe Maximizer Cubase would poopies itself and overload a cpu core.
Installed Audiogridder on the same PC and had it running in the background and i was able to load more than 6 Izotpe Maximizers , UAD , Waves and crap ton of plugs it all works flawlessly, all at 1024 buffer. I never was able to mix like I mixed to day.
The boys at Steinberg better get their poopies together this is not looking good at all. Very embarrassing that a free plugin host can do better than a bunch of paid developers charging me 99€ a year for updates that slow me down and kill my workflow. No more updating Cubase I am paying that to Audiogridder.


I’m glad AG was able to help, I also became aware of it thanks to this forum.
I don’t understand, why Cubase has such poor performance!
In general, Cubase uses the CPU worse than other software, a good example is the rendering.
When I render a denoising fx with Izotope Rx, it is significantly faster than Cubase, a look at the CPU utilization confirms that too.
I was hopeful, that CU 13 would better in CPU usage, (modern CPU) but at the moment :sob::sob:
As always: This is just my personal opinion✌️

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Strange that , i found installing AudioGridder server on the same machine to cause the CPU not the ASIO run at 35% on an i9 9900k without any instances which obviously raised the noise level in the room with the fans running so i swiftly uninstalled , but since the C13.0.20 has been released ive been having great results mixing , no crashes , a few freezes on exit which i think is to do with shutting down the PC too quick while Cubase was still in the memory .
I have even reinstalled AA plugins and working on 256 buffer on the same project at the beginning of this thread which i could never use below 1024 .

I have a funny feeling in the future there’s going to be a core infinity switch introduced in Cubase so you can select between OLD core behaviour of New core behaviour because it seems at the moment Steinberg’s trying to cope with keeping both formats alive and it will be cooperate suicide (for Cubase ) to drop all support for cores lower than 12th gen .
Mac … not bothered , it’s it’s own entity

It workes fine for me and i under 25 % Cpu usage too
I have i9 7980XE this was the first time since having built it that it even hit 25% cpu usage on cubase if not it always was around 9% but at that point unusable and I had to print plugins and Hardware processing so i could even mix.
very disappointed in CB 13 and how they have not improved the CPU work load distribution.
any ways I got a work around and now to test it on different DAWs see which one I can push the CPU to its limits.

Only that they did improve the workload distribution.

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It’s just… I can’t believe how ridiculous this whole situation is.

“Beta testers, do you actually even test anything?”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. The world wants to know.

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Well, yet another Saturday almost completely shot trying to chase down VST meter spikes.

I can’t use Cubase 12 or 13 to get any serious work done. To say this is maddening is an understatement.

Steinberg needs to rethink everything. I have grown to truly loathe that little meter in the upper right constantly making me anxious with its utter unpredictability and the random dropouts.

Steinberg needs to develop tools to expose to the user what is causing the spikes so they can be addressed. Just a meter that tells you NOTHING other than something is definitely screwed up is damn near worthless.

I just cannot believe real time audio is so bad in 2024. Still.

This is not rocket science: it’s just protecting an audio stream from anything else that would interfere, because that’s what software engineers at a leading DAW maker need to know how to do. Period!

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I was a cubase user for 20+ years but I leave it behind a couple of year ago and went to Studio One, I also did a couple of sessions in Reaper, Bitwig and now I,M running Ableton (besides studio One). Cuibases always crashes where al the other daws han no problems (and it is the same daw and the same set of plug ins). So every couple of months I look at the forum to see if there is improvment, but it looks like its getting wose _ or in teh best stable buggy - I can only say, try another daw and free youreself form this swamp… and g o makking music. I hope Steinberg will get there act together quickly, there on a road to nowhere at the moment. … I willl get backas soosn as cubase runs as smooth and stbale like the other daws.

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How is Studio One for electronic music? I already own Ableton and really like it for certain things and am looking forward to 12, but Cubase’s general workflow philosophy suits me better and it’s more powerful. But the issues as stated above & all over the place are making it essentially unusable for me. Really, really not an enjoyable program to use in its current state. I can also quite definitively say at this point it’s a problem with Cubase specifically, because Ableton, even when overloaded, is remarkably good at making the dropouts barely even audible. Cubase? Naw. POP. Sputter. Lag. Dropout. Trainwreck.


I only have performance issues, in relation to an SSHD.

I’m not sure if getting V13 will remedy that situation but the program works, plays back dozens of VSTi’s and records them, internally via my interface (Motu 8A) albeit with a bit of stuttering (I use multiple takes and minimize audio files), notwithstanding network activity, all on a business-grade laptop.

I also get the cursor swirling on stop of the DAW, sometimes but no heinous system crashes.

It’s quite unusual to say that Ableton is better on the CPU, you haven’t got anything heavy running within Control Room that could be the cause?

@M15 Hi, thanks for the feedback. I had my eye on studio one for about a year now. Audio performance has been on my list of improvements for a while. Studio One is missing a few features I like but I think with its trajectory it’s heading that way. I’m holding on to cubase for now, maybe cubase 14 will be my final determining factor or maybe mid-2024 I’ll give studio one a serious try in the background.

FWIW, I’m having a better time working at 1024 samples, but 512 used to be pretty solid for me back in the Cubase 11 and prior days. It’s what I’m used to, and I can start to feel the latency at around 1024. Oh, well. Getting music done is of paramount importance and Ableton 12’s not out yet: I find 11 a little limiting still.

Yeah, I think Cubase could be a monster DAW and easily the best on the market if they’d solve these various problems and get rid of arbitrary limitations like number of MIDI inserts and the like. IMO, it’s a real mixed bag: does some things better than anyone and in more depth, but in other areas seems to have just needlessly overcomplicated things till they become genuinely frustrating to use and/or have performance problems, such as value jumps.

I just think with a DAW that keeping things as slim, trim, and fast as possible ought to be the baseline, and any features you can build on top of that without compromising this philosophy are fine. But MIDI Remote, yanking the beat calculator, etc… none of these things make sense to me in their approach.

Sometimes it’s not the what; it’s the how.

I think you’ve highlighted a problem in your post in that you’ve said Cubase should be kept slim, trim and fast but can we not be restricted on the amount of MIDI inserts please.

The userbase of Cubase is vast and each persons idea of what should be slimmed down is different depending on their genre.

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