No Reason/Record rewire in C6 iMac

I can’t get Reason or Record to rewire with cubase 6.
I have C5 on my system and it works perfectly.

I have the rewire channels selected under “devices”
but when I launch rewire, Record won’t start up.
It says, “Engine not responding, please check your rewire host”

When I try it again it says “the Record Engine is already in use”
but it’s not active and no Record window to be found.

Am I missing something,

Bit of a longshot… but is it a 48Khz project by any chance…?

If so, there’s a known problem - but also, good news; this is fixed in the next update…!

(though looking closer, this may be with PC only; click on the ‘original problem report’ red text to view - 44Khz projects are/should be fine, but again, that could be PC only…)


I think I read somewhere on the C6 releases notes that C6 is not compatible with Rewire in 64bits mode. Is your Imac running in 64 bits mode? If so revert to 32 and try Rewire again.

Update: says so here

Yes - I bet you’re closer to an answer Chrismcc… :wink:

The link I posted dealt with ‘losing sync/timing issues’ with ReWire - now I read it again, don’t see that the OP’s report mentions even getting that far… Does a 64bit version of ReWire exist…? Unless it is put inside a (proprietary) wrapper (Cakewalk, Reaper for example)…?

I figured my issue out.

Under “Device Setup”>VST Audio System I had
checked “Release Driver when application is in backround”

When I unchecked that it worked just fine.


I recon this is a problem that they could work fix if they wanted. Appearantly Reaper 64 can cope with it’s Rewire-plugin.